What’s with Apple users signatures?

“Hi, I have one line to add to the conversation and four lines for you see how much I have given Apple, Inc. That’s all, check out my signature!”

Intel Dual Core 2.2 MBP with 2 gigs of RAM with 500 Firewire 800/400 USB 2.0 drive running OS X 10.5 Leopardvintage apple logo

Single Core 1.83 G5 PPC with 320 USB 2.0 gig drive running OS X 10.4 Tiger (indefinitely)

Single core 400 mhz G3 PPC Lomard (black laptop) running 10.3.9 Panther (indefinitely)

Flash based 1 gig 1st generation ipod shuffle (broken indefinitely)

1st generation ipod shufflei”m not sure. iKnow for a fact that Apple users like to be noticed, it is very much a status thing, white headphones anyone? However many are low key, and yet on the chat boards and such we are compelled to write about all our products, not just the desktop and the laptop, but the OLD hardware, and even things like our ipods and whatnot? Please comment to why this is if you like. Thanks!


3 Responses to What’s with Apple users signatures?

  1. Matthew says:

    We are proud of our affiliation! Also, how many pc users can brag that their 10+ year old hardware runs the latest and greatest OS on the planet?

    Don’t hate!



  2. Thanks Matthew, just poking alittle fun. iToo have signatures, i just don’t load my stuff up with SOoo much. All in all, iKind of like it so iCan see what people are up too and what hardware they have when the discussion is Final Cut Pro, gaming, etc.

    Thanks for the comment buddy!

  3. Want to hear some Bullsit? No, hen quite reading. If so, heads up. I added my signature to the Mac rumors website, just as it is above and “bang” They kicked me off the site.

    The time I’m allowed to return was labeled as: Never.

    The reason was” Multiple self promotional instances with prior warning: BUT this never happened. Meaning, iNever was contact by anyone on their staff and didn’t even have a signature on there until the other day. And really i didn’t add everything, just the mbp & the g5, so what now is mac rumors going to kick everyone with a signature off, it is tacky, maybe they heard that, maybe it didn’t hit their funny bone, Whatever, they never contacted me before and i have promoted them in the past, well that is over, we’ll see.

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