YouMail vs. Google Grandcentral Voice Mail Service.

YouMail and Grandcentral (recently purchased by Google, Inc.) are both incredibly powerful additions for your cell phone you mailnetworkyoumail (sorry no skype, vonage, or AOL numbers work here) that let you individualize messages for groups, freinds, family, single callers, unknown callers, and all of this is  kept neatly in an address book. Now, iCant REALLY talk about Grandcentral yet as it is in beta, and like other web 2.0 services such as joost, or even gmail Waaay back in the day (like 20 months ago) YOU NEED, (drumroll) an invite.grand central google

So, I’m still waiting on that baby. Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal seems to like it more than you mail, and with the visual voicemail, calandar, and contact integration, i can see why. it seems like Apple vCards 7 mail could be integrated, but with the 3rd party iphone app attitude, its a tough call. BUT, i still like YouMail. It gives you 100 times more phone power for your money and guess what, its FREE.

For instance i have Duke Nuke’m set up to say, something about how “He does two things, kick ass and bubble gum, and he is all out of gum” for my friend Greg, so when he calls he’ll be pretty damn surprised and likely laugh at the zany message on my normally business standard phone message. BUT guess what? IT still is for anyone else. So if a client or job calls me back, they will get my message meant for people that i don’t know. And if an old freind calls, same thing, any unknowncaller will get this top notch message. You Mail has many for the office, and are somewhat light on entertainment, simpsons, scarface, barbershop quartets, sex sounds, sultry message, messages in Italian, Russian, Spanish, Multi-Lingual Phone service personal names (mike, kathy, jenny, anna, etc.) and sports teams, like the packers, bears, etc.

Overall, YouMail is a good service, and if you spend time on your computer, a great alternative to answering your phone as it is a better screening service that keeps every details logged and mp3 ready for those drunk dials, and really, if you meet someone or know someone you don’t like and have their number, log it, and give them a “ditch” email, either one with humor, or one that says you must deposit 25 cents in order to continue a call. Which on a cell phone is impossible,  they don’t tak 25 cents, its fun and convient, so check out YouMail, it won’t even cost you a dime.


14 Responses to YouMail vs. Google Grandcentral Voice Mail Service.

  1. Emon says:

    Would you like a GrandCentral invite? Let me know.

    • Creighton says:

      Emon or anyone I would really appreciate an invite. I have been waiting on one forever 😦 whats the deal?? someone please thanks!!!

  2. Yeah, big time. Muchas Gracias Emon.

  3. Jan says:

    Just wondering if you got your grandcentral invite from Emon. If so, how about passing along the generosity and sending one of your invites to me. They are few and far between on the internet. I would greatly appreciate it.

  4. cjones says:

    hi hoping to get an invite also. thanks.

  5. 2.0 Weblogs says:

    i’ll look into it, i haven’t used the service in a while, i kind of prefer you mail after using them both, its much more personalized and easier to check messages. grandcentral has a nicer dash but as far as i know that’s it, keep readering, i’ll try to get one out if its an option, i m not sure about it.

  6. jax says:

    You mail doesn’t look bad, and thats a great write up you gave it. I’ll look into it. But i would love to try out the GrandCentral option as well. Do you have any invites left? I would love one if you do 😉 Great articles, BTW
    jacquester at gmail dot com

  7. Nick says:

    I would greatly appreciate if any of you can send me the invitation.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  8. Mara Alexander says:

    GrandCentral claims you need an invite…but they’ll give you one if you ask. Really! On the website it sounds like it’ll be a long time, but for me it was overnight.

    I have bother services, but I tend to use YouMail. YM’s main advantage over GrandCentral is the option to upload an .MP3 to use as an outgoing greeting.

  9. Mike A says:

    If you like GrandCentral also check out Vingtalk.

    Its an internet and mobile device app that will let you create or respond to private or group messages by text message, e-mail, and voice to text.

  10. Edgar E says:

    Hi Emon can you please send me GC invite?

  11. Wade Dorrell says:

    I did a vs. review here w/ my GV account: Summary: YouMail wins if all you’re looking for is visual voicemail replacement. GV has a nicer whole package.

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