Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize.

Cool news, American Al Gore, the former presidential elect, has been awarded the Nobel Prize for his hard work showcasing global warming on a mass scale.

“Al Gore is like, totally mad dude, he is the sickest dude out there he should totally run for governor of California or something, i mean with all those trees he be planting.” Says Chris Wessing of Merritville, KS.

The movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” has already helped Mr. Gore win an academy award, and now one of the only honors left for his to take has been taken.

” I Loooove Al Gore things,” says Suzanne Alpert, a UW Madison Freshman. ” I bought his DVD, and some Earth books on Amazon after I saw that movie he did about PowerPoint and he goes way up into the sky thing, I was like, Oh My God. I was really impressed with PowerPoint.”

Al Gore is heeding calls for a 2008 presidential bid and likely doing a little dance and getting down tonight as neither the olympic committee nor his political nemesis, war monger George W. Bush, can take away his peace prize.

Eric Schmit, the Google, Inc. CEO reportedly overheard Apple, Inc.’s Steve Jobs come on iChat and said, “Nice F**king Job Al.” He couldn’t be sure as the new Google 767 Airplane was powering up behind the Apple, Inc. Board member while the two other board members quickly went online after Schmit’s “BRB” message flashed on screen according to one petty crew member. Al Gore is also on the Apple board.

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