Business 1.0 vs. Business 2.0

Here is a nice summary of the old 1.0 world models vs. the new 2.0 web model. i’M all for the new 2.0 ways of doing things, its much more up to the individual, unless you want to embed most things in WordPress tho, then you have to contact the design team or figure out the html/css code yourself, jenkies!


2 Responses to Business 1.0 vs. Business 2.0

  1. mozey says:

    I agree with it, and i’m looking forward to the book, but i really have to wonder, does it say anything new!?!?!?!. Ever since came on the scene, businesses slowly started to realize that they CANT charge anything any more!. you are potentially as rich as your online presence is big!. We have learned that!.

  2. Yeah, it should be a good book, and like the advice says, there will be a free copy likely coming in December 2007, so check back here for the download, or if you can find it at Amazon that’s cool too. Thanks for the comment Mozey!

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