Colorado Rockies Site Goes Down, “Totally Stoked.”


baseball player

According to the CNET newsblog, Rocky Mountain news, and Sports Illustrated people are upset over the fact that the on-line ticket system went down for fans that want World Series tickets for the storied major league baseball team, the Colorado Rockies.In disbelief many baseball fans are arbitrarily typing in, for tickets, only to find a “rockin’ ” site that assists people who want to travel to the Canadian side of the Rocky Mountains as the site, sells ski trips and has a helpful forum for people not interested in America or baseball. According to the about page, and their creators are obviously, “totally stoked” about this news. Not only is it good publicity for the mac user and web designer Sam Stevens, its “hella cool” for her company and if you ask me “totally kick ass” for those ratings that will likely be sweet too. I am so bailing on the Series this year and hitting that fresh powder, maybe Sam Shreds?

3 Responses to Colorado Rockies Site Goes Down, “Totally Stoked.”

  1. JOEY says:

    i think that the picture was very pretty PLEASE TAKE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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