JVC Evario and Mac Software Compatibility.

mac smilelyOk, lucky you found this post. iHave done many hours of editing and about an equal amount of hours researching how to make the workflow with a JVC HDD camera as painless as possible.

1st of its, not painless. However iHave learned that a Core duo 2 mac book pro with a 500 gig firewire 800 connection greatly improves the experience while working with .mod files.

What are .mod files? iBelieve JVC propriety technology files that are not mpeg-2 files just to piss you off. You see, they are and can be played with Quicktime, simply by changing the suffixx, file.mod into film.mpg, but then like iSaid, you los sound and it all goes to plaid… er nothing. Worthless unless you simply want video, which is a prety nifty way to do this.

But no one cares about that mostly, so lets get to the gritty and make sure to bookmark this post and send it to the million chat boards i read about this issues, i don’t have the time to find then, create a name, log in, la la la, i have to go to work, so lets make this snappy andjvc apple then i’ll tell you how to do all this.

1. you will need the evario camera and a usb port or firewire 400 connection cable to plug intot he dock on your camera. i am using usb to computer, even though there is a firewire cable, the computer won’t read, don’t ask me why, perhaps it is simply an internal preference, i figured it out on my own, no whaterever, just listen.

___ check, connection cables.

2. you will need the m-peg2 component download from apple if you are going to continuewith my services, it costs 19.95, but you only have to download it once, the rest of the software is free, so have at it. d0wnload apple software component here.

____check, downloaded Apple software.

3. Get Perian, they call this the swiss army knife for QT video, it will not work at this point,

perian and quicktime but helps for the next step… download perian software and install.

____check, downloaded and installed, you will never ned this again, just have it in apps.

4. Get the MPEG Streamclip, install it, bingo, you are in. download Squared 5’s, MPEG Streamclip here and get busy.

_____check, downloaded mac or pc version 1.8 or later after installing the applempeg component, and perian into my computer. You are now able to natively open .mod files like there are quicktime files and save them at 100% QuickTime video format losing little or nothing of the both the original video sound and video components.

Cool, things work now what?

An editors workflow baby. MPEG Stream is going to be your best freind if you have a evario HDD camera, that doesn’t matter if it is in SD (Standard Video or [HDV] High Definition Video) One great part of this program is that you can watchother video’s while you save clips you want to keep.

Just remember to keep things organized, a good editor works from the ground upimovie 06 correctly labels all the video they have for latter use. While .mod files are problematic, in some cases it is better than a dv tape as to capture that it is ususally done in real time and here in 100% digital files, it is possible to work faster, however both DV tapes and .mod files aren’t the greatest methods known to man, a video cmera that saves nativiley to QuickTime would be much better alternative, however, i should say the this combinations of Apple and Open Source software isn’t all the bad, it may take a few hours to organize it all, but it will be worth it, easily portable to an external hardrive ( i strongly suggest 800, its much faster the bigger the files) or to burn things on DVD, however, that format might even dissappear in the next two to three years or so, storage is becoming very cheap and HD-DVD/Blu-Ray’s are more convenient, but can you say “CD-Rom?” iCan’t wait until i can think of that storage format as antiquated as .mod, in anycase, the evario storage is kind of nicer and i am warming up to it, now that i know my mac book pro and firewire 800 are about 5 times as fast as my ppc g5 with a 320 usb cluttered storage device, just don’t skip a step and email me if you have any questions, or hit the video forum for more information.

final cut


8 Responses to JVC Evario and Mac Software Compatibility.

  1. […] came across this post – JVC Evario and Mac Software Compatibility. – and thought it was worth sharing. I hope you find it interesting too and take the time to read […]

  2. Great, ican’t tell if you are a human pay per click, but i’m glad that you are spreading the word, it was tough researching this issue and found an answer, saludos!

  3. aazpc says:

    its nice to read this , can i have more to read about it?

  4. ac1176ec9bca says:



  5. I am really having trouble finding the driver on the sites listed in this article. I was really excited when I was reading it, but can’t get a driver for my JVC Evario GZ-HD7U. If anyone has a direct link I would appreciate it.

    All The Best…


  6. Web Media says:

    Hey bud,

    I’d just get a new camera at this point. If you have specific questions, comment again – I’ll do what I can 0 it took a reaaaaaaaaalllllly long time to figuere how to do all this – i understand your frustration. Best of luck. Thanks. -Me

  7. Rikki Murphy says:


    I followed your simple instructions and after years of trying to work this out and really on the point of despair, I was within minutes very happily converting my extensive stock of.MOD files and placing them in iMovie for editing.

    Thank you for taking your own time to crack this and more so for sharing it.

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    […]JVC Evario and Mac Software Compatibility. « Thunk Different.[…]…

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