RimofTheWorld.net catches wildfire, people panic.


fireThe popular site, www.RimofTheWorld.net has crashed today due to the california wildfires, causing panic, and making people flee to higher ground.”It was like that fake godzilla from that 80’s arcade game Rampage attacked us, it was harrowing.” said one bystander.In response fire has kept mum on the situation, not returning e-mails or calls.It’s reported that people outside the smoldering fire-center handed out orange slices and credited bus passes to those wishing to escape. These reports can’t be confirmed, or the fact that rimoftheworld actually had any damage to it yet.Another reportedly visibly shaken woman in her late twenties had her arm around another older man was too shaken to speak. The man said, “We all kin ’round here, brothers/ boyfriends / girlfriends /sisters /grandpas…. we all related when fire strike.”Local choppers have strayed from the area due to excessive fog, some possible headlines being tossed around big name newsrooms are.

  • Has fire gone too far?
  • Are the olympics to blame?
  • Fire, an attack on freedom?

Most media has been going, “apey” according to one resident who survived a NASA explosion earlier last February, Merl Heskins, says, “That internet ain’t no good for anybody, I’m always hearing of things crashing and viruses up on it. Heck, maybe its time people made some sense again, and this country fanned the flames of freedom by hitting some jump-shots instead of all that web hit stuff and burning down half the goddamn world.”California wildfires continue to rage as web traffic increases with people checking their e-mail and sports scores instead of sending aid to “0%” contained catastrophe invariably setting it’s sites on a national emergency.


One Response to RimofTheWorld.net catches wildfire, people panic.

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi all— is santas village still in the area or did it burn down thank you ?????????????

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