OS X is like Star Wars.

iGot it. OS X is EXACTLY like America’s latest Star Wars. Ok, busted, i’ve had a few, but iThinkingamerica star wars im right about this. The last time iWas this excited about Space themed events, it was actually star wars 1, err… 4, Phantom Menace, you get it.

So, “F it.” I’m gonna say it, and i don’t care none no-how. Ok. i’ve had more education than that, but like iSaid, F it. OS X is Apple fans is exactly like Star Wars. It’s wonderful nerd news, and iAm all about that sometimes.

So bring it on, I’m gonna check out tonight, but think about it, alot of people haven’t been this excited since Star Wars, and this ain’t no movie, this is a(n) “F’N OS,” so it better be good or my geek/nerd/not pc/but OS level is going to reach a point that i might not be able to live down.

“O F it”… why isn’t that a phrase?


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