installing Leopard

First off, wow, ihave been waiting for this day. The official non-developer latest version of OS X. So far its worth waiting for… you see it takes a few HOURS for it to upload, iFirst started to install it and then it went to an aqua screen and acted rapidly deterring the notions that I have read on other posts, then iHit my computer, the disc stopped, and it seemed to almost start over. Now it is reading 1 hour and 32 minutes, not too shabby.

So you hit it?

Whoops, yeah, i did. You see, i was cleaning off my powerbook g3 with fantastic four spray or whatever the hell and for some asinine reason sprayed the 15 inch core duo2 and brainlessly wiped the keys. What?! yeah, i know, iGuess iwanted it to be clean for the install, even though i already ran disk utility for clean install and repaired all the issues that macs never have.

Now it’s down to 54 minutes, and i don’t type that slow, so the processors must be cooking. iReally think ijust hit the computer the same time it had to reload, but F***, that freaked me out, iguess i just needed to eat something and wasn’t thinking. All ihad all day was yerba mate like iHave every morning. Now, if you are still reading this rather banal entry… iam eating frozen grapes and typing on my bronze lombard keyboard, getting it all sticky and ready again for another round of fantastic four or what ever the hell.


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