Leopard is all hype.


Yup, iSaid it….and its true. Here it is Halloween weekend in 2007 and the best dressed costume of the year came from Cupertino. Leopard (OS X) is nothing special. At. All. iBlogged some digg crap calling it a “tipping point” dang, i’ve seen Malcolm Gladwell speak live, even met the man and i am willing to bet he IS NOT considering this marginal OS upgrade a “tipping point.” Or even gives a crap at all. iF Anything it gives MSFT time to kick the sh*t out of Apple again. Sure they got the momentum, SJ (Steve Jobs) will retire within this time frame. He came, he saw, he kicked f”ning ass. But Bill Gates did well too, they both did, and after Leopard, iPhone, iPod and the 45 nm paradigm shift has occured… iPredict Steve will retire. He should in my opinion, obviously he can do whatever he wants forever, he started Apple, he revived it, he made the keypad on my MBP glow, i owe him a foot massage and as awkward as that would be, more awkward still would for Steve to keep, “innovating.” Zaxxon high score reached. Time up. Not “game over…” Anything goes in bidness, but really, for this round, “time up.” Aside from a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, endorsed motor oil, or personal Hallmark division i don’t know what else the man can do, b/c he HAS DONE EVERYTHING.

  • developed the skill
  • used it.
  • made it a reality
  • nurtured it.
  • hit the top
  • the bottom
  • came back
  • did IT AGAIN.leopard
  • A Billionaire x 5+… his first AND last names are part of the American lexicon if not more.. there might be richer people, but there is truly only one Steve Jobs, a Demanding personality who has changed with the economy, not for the better or worse, but for survival, and that spirit has created idolzization through-out the computing community, film community, and beyond (fashion,style, AKA grace)

F’ it. He is a dman good man, os x has worked well, unless it accelerates like Moore’s law, he should hang up his cleets, even Sweetness would smile at such a Godman American icon like his Sweet-ass self. When you know you are that good, its time to skip the Pro-bowl. Steve, Sweetness, all y’all involved, thank-you, Leopard IS better, but it’s just an OS, and even though it is that, it is ALOT better than ANYTHING ELSE EVER, so congratulations, but still all-in-all we are all the same as the day before no matter how big our dreams for tomorrow and i’ll go to sleep thinking of this George Romero classic, or how to re-mix that Openleopard os x Source, Vincent Price Video, but iWon‘t even think about Leopard whilst falling asleep, i came, i saw, i know Cupertino kicked ass. The Rocky’s of their time, like Steve and Bill, something the Google and Yahoo founders will never get, something that happend before they exisited,t heywill never truly taste the future. Or Zuckerberg, or Tom, or all 37 signals combined. Good luck, and good night Nolte & co. Good luck & good night, yon.

One Response to Leopard is all hype.

  1. alright, now that i go spaces and expose all roasting, i feel a bit better about it, but, still istress, it is not nearly as “must have” as iThought.

    FOrinstance i’m no going to upgrade my PPC g5 20″ iMac with it, there is very little space left in it, but why mess with it? I have FCP, CS2, alot of good stuff in there that iDon’t want to screw-up with a technical hiccup. Besides, Think the CD2 is a better fir with this OS, still learning it, still think its a bit hype, i mean i made this blog out of the frustration that Leopard was late, check the about page for more info on that. l8r. and comment, i had over 3,000 unique visitors last week and only something like 10 comments, speak up, ibelistening.

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