Brett Favre throws 331 yard TD pass.

Brett Favre won a hard earned victory against a heaving Denver Broncos last night in overtime, through a breathtaking 331 yard bomb for record breaking sudden breath victory. Not sincefavre throw 1983 has Green Bay won an “OT” game on the road, and not since the Denver Broncos were 20+ million plus over payroll in the late 90’s defeating The Pack did seeing the clashing of orange and navy look so good. Mort Collins, a displaced machinist and red state die-hard saw the whole thing from the American Legion Post 2727 in Waukesha, WI. and was at the same post in 1983, listening to the black & white broadcast and the last nationally announced program of Howard Cossell. “He take it, toss it, it go over the fricking stadium and den back down. Musta’ been half a mile or so, biggest throw dat I ever seen, I heard some guy say Favre chucked it like 331 yards or something, his wife was there.” . Other patrons in the bar all thought beating Denver like that was “pretty sweet” some people high fived, lit up Winston’s, and repeatedly roared about the 331 pass from NFL Football legend and American Hero , the green and gold’s number 4.


5 Responses to Brett Favre throws 331 yard TD pass.

  1. Bonnie says:

    Umm, no, he did not:

    On the first play following the kickoff in overtime, Favre connected on an 82-yard touchdown pass with Greg Jennings and the Green Bay Packers defeated the Denver Broncos 19-13 on Monday night.

    331 was his TOTAL yards for the night.

  2. Hey, i gotta report it as i see it. if Mort saw a 331 yard pass, then heck, i’ll take his word over yours Bonnie. I just gotta. You see i’m a packer fan and so if the rumor mill is blowing your typical favre pass a few extra yards down the field, who am i to argue. Favre is the field general.

    Thanks for writing, I love Chicago, just not their football so much. Good luck with the Lions game next week, oh wait, that was last week wasn’t it… what happened?, Grossman throw away the game or was it Griese? Help me out here, i’m still reeling from that 331 yard pass, what a bomb!

  3. wow that is so true, did you see the dolphins v new york giants at wembley stadium? rod sidwell was great. i didnt know jerry mcguire was his agent????????

  4. Super Funny You Tube Video…

    Super Funny You Tube Video…

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