Leopard 10.5: One week out of the box… Top Five Lists.

As many reader know, iFirst decided to created this blog due to the unbridled buzz for the latest Apple, Inc. Operating System, 10.5, code named, Leopard. That first deadline, 4.20.2007 or so was missed. Perhaps it had to do with the due date they selected, i’m sure many people forgot to do a lot of things on that day, but the official claim was that it was the heralded iPhone that held up the big cat. At this point it’s dubious, but nevertheless the in”stall”ment gave me time to reflect and so my expectations have been rather high and the reality not always so. Let’s take a look at the big factors that I have noticed, and the big factors that are noticeably missing. (Star Wars-like Hologram in iChat people!)

Best Five Things.

1.Spaces. iJust love this thing. Zip around lining up squares or four across bars all the way up to 16 different desktops on one machine. It really clears things up when you are using iTunes, Garageband, Firefox, Camino, Pages, and whatever else you like to have in front of you. iOwn a 20″ machine and am using a 15.4 MBP for editing and feel the 15.4 MBP is a far better too, in that it’s faster, portable, but most of all, seems bigger, because of OS Xleopard ‘Spaces.”

2.Quicklook. It’s just cool. it speeds things up considerably, especially when editing… videos/fotos and the like, and makes the mac more pleasureable as well as faster to work on than anything else. two thumbs up for this one too.

3.Desktop. This includes stacks, the transparent menus, organization. Really its the organization that is key. The dock works better and it is really much easier to stay organized now. I would say this fits in with spaces & quicklook, because when you are looking for files or organizing files, its a breeze, it’s kind of like you hired someone to help you, but clearly you are doing this yourself, strange but true, major plus, easy push into the 30% faster work-flow due to cleanliness. The widgets are a little slicker and with Safari you can evem make your own.

4.Mail is cool. Letterpop pretty much beats the pants off of it now, but if you want to intergrate your Apple vCard, or namecard from the rolodex, apple mail/calandar/contact integration or higher-end solutions like filemaker pro, and sugarCRM are a much better bet than a simple organizational tool like letterpop, or even the 1 to 4 team solutions like Constant contact or ACT! The calendar and contact information has garnered some AI where the OS understands addresses, dates, and of course still rocks theautomatic form fill as found in Safari.5.

Installation. A breeze, this Intel Core Duo 2 Santa Rosa 2 RAMfresh from the refurb store did a nice lil’ job at taking Tiger, all of it’s files and places them together as i left them. I never really upgraded asisde from a fresh Tiger install and it was pretty much the same thing then. A breeze.


5 things I haven’t used but really, really want to. 1. Time machine. From what iHave read, it works perfectly with a 3rd party drive and is as simple as the demonstration. What a wonderful way to do things, painlessly.

2.Core Animation. Sure, leopard looks a little slicker, but i haven’t seen it do whatthe Steve Jobs keynote did, you know the one part of the keynote where he had like 1000 tv screens and searched until there was only one with “fish” or whatever it was he was looking for. iT seems that developers will come out with more things in the year,iThink many are waiting until the Xmas season which now starts are a week before the day after Thxgiving.

3.Frontrow. Screw it, I’ll never use this little app, i’ll not lazy enough.

4. iChat. OK, iHave used the app alittle, but not much. When i have tried the roller coaster, waterfall, etc. the blue/green screen did not work, not at all really, i Have never really used iChat with a camera that much, i do take occasional videos which iWill post here, in fact one of the first guy in New York to get an iPhone ever.

5. Safari. Like Front row, i just don’t. 1 reason is that the Safari engine doesn’t work well with WordPress software, yet Camino does. Camino is somewhat of a hybrid between Safari & FireFox, it has less options than both, but is the browser i use, its so fast and i’m usd to it that Firefox is frustrating. (don’t use it for a week, use safari or camino and you will see what i mean) i need Safari to become more compatible, because it is really, really fast, but it can’t do alot of stuff and that stinks. Hopefully with the PC switch, Safari wil be adapted quicker and be considered for default by developers.

5 Things I have noticed since the upgrade.

1.The Ultimate version with all the bells and whistles was $129.00 for a single user.

2. Leopard has had some minor hiccups with the spotlight trying to hide in the upper corner, as well as making garageband more sensitive to crash.

3. Leopard is generally worth it, and i realize that ihaven’t tapped 40% of its capabilities yet, but i wouldn’t call it essential, at least not right away.

4. A few plug-ins vanished after the upgrade, but it went very smoothly, for instance iLost my gmail notification that came either from google or apple, and i believe the islayer widget was gone from the dashboard too, all in all thought painless, plenty of upgrade, and ready to tackle new developer apps with 64-bit core animation and multi-threaded cpu algorithms.

5. Someone is out $129.00 bucks and someone else is up, and guess where they live… Cupertino.

PS iF you R-E-A-L-L-Y want the star wars hologram that Apple advertised was included for over a year, no no further than ars technica.

Thanks Apple.

iGive Leopard = 3.75 out of 5 stars.


5 Responses to Leopard 10.5: One week out of the box… Top Five Lists.

  1. AntiSpam says:

    Here’s a thought… Stop spamming your site on digg

  2. puremotif says:

    Awesome! Just read this. I will say that now, WordPress does seem to work better with safari. I randomly went to blog and saw some of the rich text editing was there… must be some cool updates. Plus, the neat ability to clip out of web page and make a widget… its cool.

  3. aazpc says:

    i need more info about the leopard.

  4. elysa says:

    question – why are you combining words like iJust and iHave? I saw your comment on puremotif about leopard that’s what brings me here

  5. On Thunk Different, iWrite different.

    The daily content and fresh content bring me and often 1000 others here every day.

    iThank you for your comment, and wish you the very best. 😉

    -Americo de Thunk Different.

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