Pats Put Colts Out To Stud.


nflThat’s right. Th 9-0 New England Patriots beat the Indianapolis Colts on their home turf, and really in the end, embarrassed them. The star quarterback, Peyton Manning fumbled the football on a game-winning drive that all but handed the colts their fate.bill belichick is a dick

“It was like so awesome.” said injured reserve starthlete, Marvin Harrison moments before he was informed that, “No, the Pats won.”

In response Harrison, said grimly, “oh.” It was really a rough and tumble back-and-forth battle that showcased two of the National Football League’s best teams pound for pound, once for once.

In the end, the Pats prevailed, however now are exposed for having weakness in both their passing game, and 110% lack of respect coach Bill Belichick showed reigning Super-bowl champion, Indianapolis coach, Tony Dungy, immediately after the game. The initial response from the human decency league was released a statement, “Bill Belichick’s behavior continues to be despicable, his legacy is that of a disrespectful, scandalous cheat, but more importantly people should avoid this f**king a**hole.”

Other NFL noteables.

Packers advance to 7 and 1, Brett Favre threw a few bombs and has now defeated every NFL team.Viking rookie running back, Adrian Peterson broke Ladaniel Tomlinson’s record of 295 rushing yards, by one yard for a 296 one game total.


simpsons pats


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