What we all Thunk, Barry Bonds.

Barry Bonds. Ok, iSaid it, so what are you thinking. Are you thinking fat head player that treats fans like they aren’tbarry bonds head worthy of his time, you know the ones that sign his paychecks, because ultimately, we do.

Or are you thinking, Gee, i Guess that guy is sure going to get what he desearves now that he has been indicted under federal charges. Was there even a payoff or two so that the drug-dealing balco rep would save a few people’s hides?

People like Giambi, Sheffield, and of course, Barry Lamar Bonds.

The fact is, his superman comic number, and they are comic book numbers do not happen to athletes like that at the twilight of their career ever. That would be like Vinny Testaverde (his closest in age football counterpart) throwing 55 touchdowns this year and running for 1000 yards. Yeah you would make him MVP too, and keep doing so until you caught on. Anyway this guy juiced, we all knew it, and I’m sure BB was the first to know.

So, i’m not sure that the guy deserve much jail time over a steroid scandal, but he likely did lie under oath, commit obstruction of justice, and shit, disturb the peace. Our peace over baseball, the dinner table, saturday night. Whatever. This fat head might be an exceptional athlete, but as a person iThink he should still an asterisk next to his name, b’c an exceptional gracious, or decent person, he is not.


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