Hulu vs. You Tube.


Hulu is a big time backed on-line tv service that is like a joost/you tube hybrid, with commercials… and no dvr.

However, the Video is far superior & cleaner. Like a MySpace clutter, to a streamlined facebook, that is sort of how hulu vs. youtube works out. The content is a million time less, yet 100 times better quality if not more.
It has much higher video quality than you tube, and in a way a little less than joost. There are other on-line services such as, and babel, but those really don’t compare to the likes of hulu.

It is very good, full Simpson’s, in high quality, the office, airwolf… all sorts of goodies. And no copyright infringement that I know of.So it is still in beta, but worth checking out. It’s good service, and yet so different from you tube, which is user content controlled, hulu is studio content controlled, check it out today.


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