Turkey Finder!

iThunk iFound a Turkey Finder. Click Here. (From Local Harvest)

The farmers who list their turkeys through LocalHarvest have at least one thing in common – a commitment to the preservation of small scale farming as a dynamic part of American culture. Beyond that, there is a great deal of variety in the methods they use to raise their birds, and the birds themselves.

Some LocalHarvest farmers use organic methods to raise their birds. While the definition of “organic” continues to evolve, you can be assured that birds that are “certified organic” have been fed organic feed throughout their lives, and have not been treated with antibiotics.

Another dimension of small-scale turkey production is the environment in which the birds are raised. Some birds you will find on LocalHarvest are labeled “pastured.” This means that they grew up in the great outdoors, with access to sunshine and pasture. “Free range” birds are also free of confinement, but may have been kept in a barn, as opposed to the outdoors. “Heritage” is another term you will come across when reading descriptions of LocalHarvest turkeys. Click here to read more about the recent revival of production of older varieties of birds and other meats.

Whatever their type, LocalHarvest turkeys will remind you why it is worthwhile to seek out meats raised by family farmers: exceptional taste, healthfully created… more.


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