Google, Sex, and Pandora’s box: 11-28-2007

huge sexy boobs

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Oh Google, how I use thee.

Do we all, what do you use Google for/ Search? Adsense, adwords, maps, email… The list goes on and on. Remember Froogle, that was never so good. One time I bought a battery for my Nokia 3650 and it never came, i wrote the company a few times, and once they wrote back saying it would come, which was strange, but no they used me and my $24 to buy something noice to wear that day. perhaps it is the person on the right, yet the only thing frugle about her seems to be her lack of clothes.

So what do you use Google for? mySpace, Facebook, eharmony, jdate, singles, classifieds, job search,to find yahoo?



13 Responses to Google, Sex, and Pandora’s box: 11-28-2007

  1. Jerry Millan says:

    sex is aweseome

  2. youyou says:

    slt ma belle cava !****

  3. Resource and Information

    Resource and Information

  4. 2.0 Weblogs says:


    Thanks, iGuess.

  5. Anonymous says:

    bahut bade hai yaar

  6. Anonymous says:

    those tits are fat

  7. TIM says:


  8. […] story] I joined at the tender age of sixteen. I immediately went to the meetup forum and posted a titillating message. That was twenty years ago, so I don’t remember what I posted, but knowing […]

  9. 2.0 Weblogs says:

    I think andy rooney was the og when it comes to video blogging.

  10. diamond says:

    them tits are huge i would lke to f*** her so hard

  11. Aliyu Yerima says:

    really my i love very well but how can i see you and jist abot sex becouse i like it

  12. co bra77m says:

    i love sex

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