25,000+ Visits this November.

At 4:57 pm central time, this blog reached 25,000+ hits for the first time in one month. This feat came on the last day of the month with only 63 minutes left on the WordPress stat tracker… excitement in geekland. (LOL)

Link your blog, or homepage us to help your Google ranking, add us on the blogroll, and subscribe to our news feed. Skeptical? Here are some stats…cute

November Stats.

  • Month: 25,045 visitors
  • Best Day: 1,215 visitors
  • Yesterday: 1,209 visitors
  • Today: 1,009 visitors
  • Average Day: About 850
  • Best Week: 6,127 visitors
  • Last Week: 5,343 visitors
  • This week: 4,524 visitors (still counting)

All Time25,000

  • Best Day: 1677 (May 2007)
  • Best Week: 6,127 (November 2007)
  • Best Month: 25,045 (November 2007)
  • All Time Total: 86,200+ (as of November 2007)



iStarted this blog on a whim and glad to see it get so popular. We will hit the 100,000 visitor mark before Winter recess and sledding season. Yea. Find out more about Thunk, here.

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