A tale of two e-book readers; Amazon Kindle vs. Sony Reader

sony readerThe Chicago Sun Times writer, Andy Ihnatko, loves his Kindle, he says it might rival the iphone… “So here’s what Amazon went and did. Metaphorically, the company invented a humanoid robot capable of autonomous action.” iSay, prove it!

Here are some thoughts:Amazon says you can read Tolstoy’s War and Peace on A SINGLE CHARGE, so let’s compare it!

“Ready to curl up with a good, um, e-book?The wireless Kindle ($399) from Amazon.com and the non-wireless Sony Reader Portable Reader System PRS-505 ($300) are both good, but pricey, options for readers who don’t want to break their backs toting around bound books and periodicals.

Sony’s is the thinner and more stylish of the pair. You turn pages by pressing small buttons on the right side of the display.

The white Kindle is more functional but homely. You roll and press a rubber wheel to control a cursor bar, Kindle’s simple, if inelegant, way to select lines of text on the display. You can also select text to bring up definitions.

Sony’s device doesn’t have an internal dictionary.Amazon’s Whispernet wireless network lets you fetch content from the Kindle Store in under a minute, including book samples.” >>>Full Article

2 Responses to A tale of two e-book readers; Amazon Kindle vs. Sony Reader

  1. Joe says:

    The Kindle is actually quite classy; it’s like a convergence of old school and new school technology

  2. amazon kindle bookstore…

    %BLOGTITLE% is an excellent resource and is one of the many websites that have been used as a reference to this article…

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