Apple’s Google Factor.

Milling about the web this morning I cam e across an interesting piece in the latest, fast, publication. Itgoogle apple was an article all about apple’s naughty use of boxes and packaging. I’f you’ve followed the squakbox, Greenpeace has been all over apple for this one. However as they comply with the strictest of European manufacturing laws, a case can be made that Greenpeace is largley riding the coat tails of a big kahuna like, Apple, Inc. At any rate, have you read about the Kindle? Free Wi-FI, i’m where do i sign up, also Google, gadaget, widgets, and thingamajigs are getting more play these days, are as cloud computing, and the big whatzit, apps for the web, sans desktops. Meaning, what is computers go away! Nooooooo.

“The Google Factor

One executive close to Apple thinks there’s only one real threat to the company: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG). That’s because technology is shifting from the desktop to the Web. “On the Web, I don’t need a computer,” he notes, and that makes Apple’s famous interface and design considerably less important. A simple Google interface that lived on the Web rather than in a given piece of hardware could be the basis of an iTunes killer or a living-room hub open to anyone. PC makers such as HP and Dell could then use their scale to undermine Apple’s share in MP3 players and PCs alike. Google chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt may sit on Apple’s board, but that won’t protect Jobs from competition.”

>>>Full Article 


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