Nokia builds strategy to fight Apple, Google, MSFT Mobile platforms.

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Personally, i have always liked Nokia phones. iHave had a cheapy and a top-o-the line one, both were effective communications devices, and i actually miss them. (as much as a person can miss a phone) I have had other phones, some likable, most likable was the blackberry i had, i could travel freely between north and South America with it getting updates from my secretary with gtalk, until that came to and end with the Blackberry falling out of my pocket after jumping the chain-link next to the Hudson river at a late-night 6 Apart party. I somewhat hold them responsible as i wouldn’t have gone to that “blogging cook-out” nor invited if i would have known that the Grandmaster Flash party wasn’t really put on by them, they just scheduled a cook-out at the same time, if losing my phone & going to a fake party wasn’t enough, i had this wall street journal woman calling me all week and eventually getting quoted in the journal while some one was using an average of eight calls a day on my overpriced verizon plan. So after that I got the quite dislikable motorola, i know own. i dislike the Motorola so much i sometime opt not to bring my phone places, not because of people, but because of the phone. iSimply can’t wait until September when my contract is finito and i can get an apple/google/ or nokia at that time. Hopefully Nokia will still be up to par, it looks like they are trying, check out this money publication regarding Nokia’s strategy and how they are looking to stay the world’s number one phone maker.

“At its capital markets day on Tuesday, Nokia Corp. stressed the significance of its push into mobile services and indicated it intends to make further acquisitions in the field.

Chief Executive Olli Pekka Kallasvuo said Nokia (NOK) , already the world’s largest maker of mobile phones by a large margin, intends to become the No. 1 brand for search, browsing and music.

“Nokia’s goal is to be the world No.1 in bringing the Internet to mobile devices. We estimate that in 2010, the total Internet-services market will be approximately 100 billion euros,” Kallasvuo said.

The strategy, which was developed under Kallasvuo’s leadership and has gathered steam over the last few quarters, will see Nokia transform itself from a pure hardware vendor to software and services giant as it looks for new sources of growth.

As such, it targets companies ranging from traditional rivals such as Motorola Inc. (MOT) to search engine giants like Google (GOOG) , makers of ” converged” devices – which wrap up music, internet browsing and phone capabilities into one handset–like Apple (AAPL) and software developers like Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) and its Windows Mobile platform.

“We have to have a strategy against each of these people, and we do,” said Kallasvuo.

To reflect the increased focus on services, Nokia is reorganizing itself into three main units: mobile devices and services, Nokia Siemens Networks and Navteq, the digital map maker it’s buying.” >>>Full Article


3 Responses to Nokia builds strategy to fight Apple, Google, MSFT Mobile platforms.

  1. Natalie says:

    I too love the Nokias and will be getting a very cheap one soon. Hooray.

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