Google Blog: We are launching the Google mac developer playground, have fun!

“You won’t be surprised to learn that we like to mix a healthy dose of fun into work. Our Mac team engineers spend their 20% time developing interesting experiments, useful tools, and just-for-fun software.

google mac blog“We’ve always had a place to showcase our consumer products. Today, we’re unveiling the Google Mac Developer Playground, a website where the Mac community can look for new and interesting open source projects and demos from our Mac team. You’ll find a variety of projects that we work on in our 20% time, like CoverStory, as well as our more mature open source projects such as MacFUSE and the GData libraries.

One new demo we want to highlight today is Statz. Dave MacLachlan, one of the engineers working on Google Desktop Mac, created it in his “spare” time. Statz lets you coordinate your status messages across various IM clients. If you have more than one IM client, we think this will come in handy.” >>>The whole kit n’ kaboodle


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