iPod Shuffle Give-A-Way!

Anyone interested a free 1st generation ipod shuffle is in luck.

12.6.2007 Audio Podcast | 12.6.2007 Video Podcast ipod

Next Week, Thunk Different will be giving away a free refurbished 1G iPod shuffle.

To Whom?

Anyone that can write the best comment on why they deserve it. The iPod is refurbished, turns on and i have never loaded any music on it, it’s all you. You can sell it, use it, trade it, smash it, whatever.

Top Blogs

Just write me telling me why you deserve it and may may the biggest mac geek win.

ill send it via post to anywhere in the world: Qatar, Argentina, Russia, Norway, Ukraine, Kuwait, France, Italy, any-where.

Thunk Different. iPod Shuffle contest give-a-way

7 Responses to iPod Shuffle Give-A-Way!

  1. This iPod would be the best Christmas gift ever!
    For my sister, of course, I already have a 3G nano
    and she is SO jealous! 😀
    Did I mention she’s dying of a heart condition, cancer,
    multiple sclerosis and laughter at all this bullshit I’m
    making up! 😀 He he…

  2. If she doesn’t have TB, she’s out. Nice try though, I haven’t seen the triple threat since 2005. Good move tho, you just might win. Can anybody come up with anything better?

  3. Daniela says:

    Wow using deathly illnesses, nice job. Took that idea… jk.

    I actually would want this iPod for my mom. A bit cliché, but I’m serious. I want to thank her for sending me to such an expensive school on our moderate income. And it’s pretty hard. I’m a broke college student, so buying Christmas presents for my family is a bit hard since I have no time and not very much money, unless I do my shopping in the bookstore, which is extremely expensive and unoriginal, but close.

    My mom loves music, and always asks me to burn CDs for her from my collection because she’s still using my old CD player from 2000. I kid you not. The last cd I burned for her was Maroon 5’s first album. She really likes it. So this would be a way for me to give her music in a handy little mp3 player she can use on her way to and from work. The subway in NYC can get pretty boring if you’re not listening to something. I would give her my own iPod mini because I rarely use it now but 1) it’s not mine, its my friend’s iPod; she lent it to me last year because she got a new one after mine was stolen from my bag in the park, and then returned, and then lost by the person who returned it after I lent it to them for a day (long story) and 2) it doesn’t really work anymore; the thing freezes if I press the “next” button too much, or if I want to listen to the shuffle, or if I accidentally drop it…

    So that’s why I want this. In the spirit of Christmas, want to help a poor college student thank her mom?

    P.S. I use a Mac. If that’s any extra incentive. 😉

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  5. Hi Daniela,

    That’s pretty damn good post, except one note… What do you mean that “deathly illness” was
    taken” Excusem moi? i’ll have to think about the merits of your story, it’s good though, and who doesn’t love moms and broke college students?

  6. Daniela says:

    I meant jokingly that using deathly illnesses (for example cancer, multiple sclerosis, ect.) as a reason why you wanted the iPod for someone was already used. But I wouldn’t have written that anyway, I was just making a joke about the first post. Sorry!

  7. all good in the hood, i too was playing with you a bit, best of luck!

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