Free iPod Shuffle Contest…

Anyone interested in a free 1st generation ipod shuffle is in luck.

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Next Week, Thunk Different will be giving away a free refurbished 1G iPod shuffle.

To Whom?

Anyone that can write the best comment on why they deserve it. The iPod is refurbished, turns on and i have never loaded any music on it, it’s all you. You can sell it, use it, trade it, smash it, whatever.

Top Blogs

Just write me telling me why you deserve it and may may the biggest mac geek win.

ill send it via post to anywhere in the world: Qatar, Argentina, Russia, Norway, Ukraine, Kuwait, France, Italy, any-where.

Thunk Different. iPod Shuffle contest give-a-way


29 Responses to Free iPod Shuffle Contest…

  1. Wilson says:

    I deserve it because I currently own no Mac hardware, and I would have to load iTunes on my PC to use it. My overwhelming popularity among Austin and the University of Texas at Austin would start a chain reaction of people switching from Windows Media Player to iTunes and subsequently from PC to Mac. This chain reaction would continue through Texas, to the rest of the US, and then TO THE WORLD.

    If you DON’T give me the Shuffle I will continue to be one of Bill Gates sheep as I’m too bull headed to ever buy anything Apple related. Only you can lock in the certainty of Apple’s world domination by giving me the iPod!

  2. Kierra says:

    I would love to have it! I deserve it because I don’t own anything from MAC even though I love its awesome look. And also because I can’t afford any gadgets from MAC… 😦 I actually don’t own gadgets at all due to their high prices.

  3. bagel says:

    If you send me that lovely, phallic iPod, I video myself being pleasured by it.
    Condom optional.

  4. Kapuchinski says:

    I deserve this product because Steve Jobs was my next-door neighbor as a kid and he gave me the nickname Stinky Butt. Although in all fairness I did not always wipe my butt thoroughly after making a dunky, which is what we called pooping in those days.

    Furthermore I enjoy listening to music that has been audio encoded through a pulse-code modulation compression algorithm. And I also like refurbished electronic products. For me, an electronics products that has only been furbished the one time doesn’t cut it. It has to be furbished again or it’s only half-furbished to me.

    Lastly, I deserve this product because of 9/11. Haven’t I been put through enough?

    Thank you.

  5. The product actually has been refurbished twice so you are in luck stinky butt.

  6. bagel says:

    Wow, a strong showing from Kap!

    Thunk: I added a link to this on the new thing of my sidebar.

  7. Stiletto says:

    I deserve it because I want to tune in and turn on –
    -which means I will do more with my iPod that anyone else here. Masturbating relaxes me and since I’m psyhotic you want me to be happy, it keeps me from going postal on shoppers at the mall. Which means you’ll be doing your country a huge service.

    Also I am hot and have big knockers.

  8. Scurvy says:

    I am a student teacher with an overwhelming urge to be seen as “cool” by the various subjects under my intermittent command.

  9. Stiletto, i think we all appreciate your comments, comment anytime about anything.

    Scurry, if you want to be a cool kid, you got to drop the name scurvy, pick something with a litle more pop, dylan always seems to work for cool kids on tv, try that, and then get back to us.

  10. bagel says:

    It’s true. Stiletto is hot and has big knockers.
    She’s also a bodybuilder

  11. Awesome, then she is strong enough to operate the swing sometimes.

  12. keywork. says:

    Stiletto, don’t play stupid. I deserve this fine over-furbished product for fathering Bagel. And exposing myself to Laurie Kendrick and her cavern of chlamydia. Also, my campaign needs a gimmick and I’m thinking that a dancing raccoon with a refurbished Ipod screams “Fresh. Vote for Keywork, He’s Jammin.”

  13. 2.0 Weblogs says:

    That would be a good slogan for sherrif.

  14. keywork. says:

    Or Student Body President, circa 1991.

  15. 2.0 Weblogs says:

    Or Michael Vick’s cellmate.

  16. Stiletto says:

    Keywork, I’m starting to think you are Mickey’s long lost brother! I’m gettin’ picked on left and right!

  17. keywork. says:

    Stiletto, worse things could be happening to your left and right. You know what I’m talking about here.

  18. Kitty says:


    Give me that iPod.

  19. Dr.Morbius says:

    Thunk Different must be the only survivor of the Krell that doesn’t dream. The Monsters fron the ID all want something for nothing. I want the iPod shuffle to reverse engineer it into a companion that talks to me, because I am alone.

  20. keywork. says:

    My Zune is lonely. And useless.

  21. Wilson says:

    Well, if I win the shuffle I’ll trade you for your Zune hahaha

  22. keywork. says:

    Wilson, I wouldn’t pay the shipping on this Microsoft Shitbomb if it would save humanity. It’s not worth the hassle. I’m afraid the delivery man may come down with leprosy after just touching the box containing this sorry piece of shit. It works well as a paper weight. And I don’t know anyone who would try to steal it, those are the only two positive features of the Zune.

  23. Stiletto says:

    I’m afraid to analyze what you think it is I know you’re talking about. You might know something that I might know or not know you know or maybe you don’t know but I’m thinking you know or maybe we both know or don’t know.

  24. keywork. says:

    so you know that I know that you might know what I could possibly know that you know I know about.

  25. […] iPod shuffle Give away, last day! (winner will be announced Monday) Anyone interested in a free 1st generation ipod shuffle is in luck. (original post) […]

  26. 2.0 Weblogs says:

    bagel recently ask who won the ipod, Wilson did as wilson needs mac hardware, however wilson has not been able to be reached for comment, so I suppose bagel will win this b/c bagel has been bumped up to second place. So bagel will win this item if wilson does not respond by 12 midnight tonight pacific time…

    look for a heads up this week and happy 2008!

  27. Jaskaran says:

    I deserve it beacause currently I dont have any portable media player to listen songs, watch videos etc. I dont have enough money to it. Another reason is that my parents has said that If I get first division in my class then I will get which is impossible for me. So please give me that I pod.

  28. ibrahim says:

    listen guys ,buying an ipod costs a lot of money .and morever my parents dont alow me to get it because they are poor .all the children in my class have ipod so they keep teasing me son of a poor man .i rally feel very bad so when i saw ur kind advertise i added this comment.thanx a million times if u give me an ipod.thnx again.

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