Barry Bonds is a baseball player. Let him go.

Ok, i’m the first to admit it. iDon’t like Barry Bonds the baseball player. iAlways thought Bobby Bonilla was the Pittsburgh star and never understood how Barry got so good, until iheard of steroids.

And when idid. i didn’t think of Barry Bonds. iThought of Giambi 1st, McGuire, suspect, Sosa, Kent Herberks forearms (but not Kent Herbeck, i always liked him and would like to clear his name , i just always joked with my cousin that he had bad ass forearms, and then somehow he came up again, but he was broadcasting, and he was smart… Or was that John Kruk? iDigress…

All in all, i thought steroid use to be pretty benign. iKnew that Cobb, Rose, Yount, Brett, and Eric davis never used, so why would these new guys. The new guys did seem bigger, and 1987 DID seem to massive numbers over 1986 and before, but whatever, iwas a kid, i didn’t really think, that ball players could do anything wrong, i didn’t think that louis Polonia could really do anything more than shoot for the 30/30 club


Now comes big fathead himself, Bonilla’s wannabe, the man who got, iThink, MVPz too good to be true, naw, no way, 7 MVPz is like totally um…. lemmme think for a second, something DOES NOT ADD UP.

Yeah, Barry, your numbers got CARTOONISH, Real Silly-like. .373. and 100 home-runs or something, now ay, eat it, yeah RIGHT!

But he did do that, just about. And he was old, like 10 years older than me, and iAm not a young man.

So… OK He is full of shit. COMPLETELY FULL OF SHIT.

But Jail? behind bars? More than Martha Stewart time? No WIZAY?

WAY. Martha Stewart is one of the criminals of the century. She has made millions of dollars and her prince 6 months detentions with internet, blogs, stock prices, email, and cupcakes recipes.

That bitch got off easy, real easy. Want to back her up? How about you put forth millions> B/C that is what she is worth, no kidding, lemme, rephrase, BILLIONS.

That could send every public school kid in America towards something better. BUT NO.

She took the money and got a slap on the hand. She took YOUR money. She took YOUR money. GET it? Get it? Why not… think about it? It’s your money that you don’t and have to go to work tomorrow for, you could have the day off to make cupcakes and drive a Prius, but you don’t have that, you have empathy and a recipe, and the last thing you want to hear is a broken record.

Too bad. Martha Stewart is a CONVICTED FELON. A CRIMINAL. A LIAR PROVEN IN COURT. If you don’t believe that, you don’t believe in the American Justice system and don’t believe in anything, you are a pinko, you are aiding and a bedding or whatever. You are just as bad as they are. Whom? the aforementioned thieves of American society.

Even though I think Martha is a liar and Barry is a liar, they should both do minimal time. Why/ As long as society knows they are liars and it is branded across their heads and palms, fine, let them be free. But let it be known… you can’t break records in this country without paying the price of a smudge on your soul and a blurry tattoo on your sleeve, or paparazzi in your face, or a legion of Americans that will never let you forget ever, ever, ever. Liar, disgrace, and wormz… eat earth or clear your name. Either way you are in the hall of shame, and now your family, and the people you know. That’s what it means to be guilty. May Barry be innocent and let go, may Martha;s guilt never be forgotten within the walls of our America- look at the facts, she’s a billionaire, your not, call a spade a spade and see her for what she is, a convicted felon, who pretends you can be like her, carefree and self-made. We made her. We believed her lies. Barry just wanted to please, he is not a wealthy man, he is disliked. She is wealthy AND Liked, yet STILL, the convicted LIAR. She is one that takes, and takes, and takes, and takes, and takes, and tak….

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