Smackdown: iPhone vs. Blackberry

Consumer Reports chooses iPhone over BlackBerry

Apple’s first phone is slightly stronger than its closest competitor from Research in Motion, according to Consumer Reports’ January 2008 issue.

The publication argues that the iPhone’s touchscreen interface, eight-hour-plus calling time, and its mobile mail client are superior to those of the BlackBerry Curve, which nets just over six hours of talk time and is widely touted for its real-time messaging service.

The iPhone is also recommended as the better media phone. Only one BlackBerry is given a nod by the magazine, which chooses the slimmer Pearl for the “compact” category. >>>Gimme More!


2 Responses to Smackdown: iPhone vs. Blackberry

  1. Al says:

    Did a survey before i bought rimm won. rimm all the way

  2. 2.0 Weblogs says:

    you did a survery on RIM? Which one? How did it win?

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