The Economist: Ubuntu is the source of Linux’s rise

The Economist makes three technology predictions for 2008, two of which concern web surfing and the third of which concerns everyone, whether they surf the web or not. The Economist’s third prediction is that the technology world will open up: Click to download this Linux wallpaper that somebody thought very hard about.

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21 Responses to The Economist: Ubuntu is the source of Linux’s rise

  1. Richard says:

    Nice picture love the penguine…

  2. Levin says:

    I think there is no place to draw at her home :)))anyway, try to draw vista icon another side !!!!

  3. James says:

    What else can be MORE BORING: a female ass and some shit on it… Is Linux so dropped in value, that can only on a female ass be advertised? People what you are doing?

    • Jamesisgay? says:

      f*** you.
      are you gay? if you don’t like a female ass, what do you like? a man’s ass? a d¡ck? you’re so f*cking gay.

  4. The 2985049820 says:

    Nice picture

  5. se4mo2 says:

    I feel hard just thinking of the tightness

  6. Seph says:

    Nice rofl

  7. Mike (The Joker) says:

    You Know.. It is a time that represents Linux Users and the software distros as Being a sexy thing..That is one ass Windows has no business being on.Give windows an Old

  8. Yep says:

    For sure desktop pic for all linux users

  9. fhumu says:

    ebo! rine ri do amba mini, ri sina na mafhungo

  10. woooooooow what a hot ass

    i wont do sex with she


  11. Russo says:

    this guys know what we want see ;D …
    i like this wallpapper
    and i want make my onw wallpappers ty for the idea 😛

  12. Joop says:

    OK, thanks for informing all of us that you are just one more gay Windows sheep. Were you perhaps looking for something a little more…….wooly? Baaaaaaah!

  13. Placid Sroem says:

    1000101 is binary for 69. You go tux!!!

  14. Placid Storm says:

    Blasted typos got my name wrong

  15. Me says:

    Suddenly I want Linux.

  16. mick says:

    Did anyone else notice that the tatoo is actually the number 69 in binary? Very clever …

  17. marteen says:

    its a fake pic. all photoshop, trip huh?

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