Where were you (when Favre Retired?)

Where were you (when Brett Favre Retired?)

by Paul Steinhafel inspired by the great American Hero Quarterback and an Alan Jackson song.

In a state of shock and horror,
we woke to the breaking news.
Where there had been a #4 jersey hanging,
there now was just pure destruction.
In shock and horror,
there is now an empty locker.
And there, before our very eyes,
just another empty locker.

Where were you when the sky crashed down,
when the whole world froze,
when the end was now?
Where were you when the sky crashed down,
the day the world stood still?

We would see these scenes repeated
throughout all the coming days.
Even with eyes shut in sleeping,
it’s hard to escape the nightmare.
These scenes repeated
may never just go away.
The TD’s, the Super Bowl, the Smile, the victories,
the people falling down.

Retirement hits home and way too close for comfort.
Retirement hits home. Man’s insanity to man.
Retirement hits home. We’d always been so buffered.
Never before, and vowing never again.

Maybe this was what we needed
to shock us onto our feet,
so that we won’t be defeated
by Vikings without borders.
Did what we needed
need all of these tragedies?
The losses, the interceptions, the orphaned lives?
There’s something needed now.

As God receives our open prayers,
a never-ending call,
one Packer nation under siege,
with liberty and justice for …

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