Google, Sex, & Elliot Spitzer

Ashley Alexandra DupreYikes. Not your typical headline but… that is exactly what the American public got this morning in newspapers & media outlets across the country. The governor has left the building. How does such a righteous pundit of all good and clear smear such an ascending career? Easy, the man was human. Find out more about the woman, Ashley Alexandra Dupre, on her Myspace page.

The man likely curious after his attorney general investigations unveiled, the now infamous, “Emperors club” What was it? Could I take a peek? Use a little blackmail? Fight evil for my family & state and then take a sip of the nectar? That’s not so bad is it? No, not really, unless your the attorney general that fights for the moral cause. Or a senator from Florida that saves youth and pages interns to come over, or a pastor that callspitzer call girl homosexuality tha bain of existence and engages in it, then lies about it, or a mediocre business blue blood that decides late in a human’s life he wants to go into politics and do things his way no matter how many die, or nations are scored.

Ahhh to be human. To be human is to fuck up and move on. pick up the pieces, pull yourself together, what it maybe and anything it takes, we gotta keep this thing turing ’round for us and if we are to survive, forgive, and keep having sex.


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