Stuff White People Like (and other stuff people like) Blogs

Have you heard of the blog, Stuff White People like? A real trendsetter (just watch!) It’s pretty funny, I’ll admit. However there is something dividing about it and playing into archetypes like that on the whole can be read the wrong way. Take Lenny Bruce, or Polish jokes, or worse. Anyway, for now its meant as good clean fun and the stuff that bloggers eat up. It sure beats the poo out of LOL cats & dogs dominating the WordPress scene. Here are some other ideas for people to like, hate, love, or whatever – get blogging and remember to play nice and have fun! Submit Ideas here or @ StuffPeopleLike.Org

  • Stuff People Likestuff white people like
  • Stuff Americans like
  • Stuff Suburbanites like
  • Stuff Democrats like
  • Stuff Republicans like
  • Stuff Ralph Nadar likely likes
  • Stuff people in this mail catalogue probably like
  • Stuff my boss likes
  • Stuff people at my high school like
  • Stuff people at ___ university like
  • Stuff other people can’t like
  • Stuff WASPS like
  • Stuff fat people like
  • Stuff people shopping at office max like (haha, just there!)
  • Stuff progressive fill-in-the-blank-religion like
  • Stuff PC Yuppies like
  • Stuff the person next to me at the coffee shop likes
  • Stuff ____ people like, etc.

Please write back any other ideas you have for stuff that people like. What do you like?

>>>AUDIO & NPR Article about Christina Lander’s Blo, stuff white poeple like blog


12 Responses to Stuff White People Like (and other stuff people like) Blogs

  1. Cyrious Garnetski says:

    Stuff hookers like.

  2. 2.0 Weblogs says:

    Yeah, that’s a f***ing good one Cyrious!

  3. Mr. T says:

    Stuff Mr. T Likes!

  4. Allah says:

    Stuff God likes

  5. cooleyhigh says:

    How about this one:

    Black Kids Like To See Themselves In Fantasy Movies, Too

    -Borderline Racist,

  6. […] are some ideas from ThunkDifferent on where this may lead […]

  7. bubbleonfire says:

    stuff people with no money like…

  8. 2.0 Weblogs says:

    Yeah,stuff broke people like… money

  9. kaysov says:

    stuff desis/brownpeople/indians like :

  10. 2.0 Weblogs says:

    I bet its a rick roll – don’t do it.

  11. cooper says:

    Look at this good knockoff:

  12. 10b says:

    This site is up and running as well and also a good knockoff

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