21 century humanoids referring to domiciles as “mancaves”

Anywhere, USA- It has been reported that idiots humans are referring to their houses as “Man Caves.” Bub Anderson from a dorm a southern town campus confides, ” Yeah! my house is now a man cave, no girlz are allowed!” He friends agree, ” No Jobs, and No girls, that is what we crave at the man cave.” That is not all they craze, pizza boxes, beer cans, and crap like that litter the floor, however, graduation plaques and girls aren’t to be found.” Lexington Psychiatrist Donald Snicklefriz has this to say.” The degenerating of American lexicon is horrendous and should be curtailed immediately. We didn’t leave caves and invent enlightenment to go back into caves and beat our meat, not unless of course you are talking about my feelings for brother hunger only found in my man cave.”


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