Blog of the Century.

>>>The Unofficial FireFox Weblog


Ok, so iDon’t know anyone that can own up to the title of this blog yet, but… I do know someone who blogs for Guess who? Yours Truly. & you can too – just ask.

The blog is actually titled: Browser Of The Century. Can you guess which browser we are talking about here?


Internet Explorer?

Naw dog. FireFox.

That’s right.

iStarted a new blog on FireFox, The Browser of the Century.

iF you are an avid reader of Thunk Different, and iKnow you are, then you know that iUse Camino as my primary personal browser, Safari at Work, and Firefox at both. Firefox is the one-stop-shop. Over 2,000 plug ins and a big ole Beta 3 to get your hands on right now if you are sly enough to know how to get it. iCan show you, over at

A new home for the browser of our times, found at The Unoffical FireFox Weblog,




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