Digital Vacuum.

iRecently met with a web media strategist for a position i hold. iWas quite interested to meet him, but out the gate I sound his coyness to be quite condescending. He kept pushing ideas such as social networking, mobile communication, and all these eventual norms in the present day. Clearly they are useful to marketers, iHave had success using myspace, facebook, jaiku, whatever – but this man was insinuating us to drop our business model – I could feel his seething contempt for our 20th century ways. It was as if he wasn’t interested in anything we were doing and what made us a national powerhouse, it was as what he could do better than us, like… right now.

So can a DeVry graduate with a good head on his shoulders. So big whoop. Fact is: hard work, homework, and seeing right through people will get you further along in business the latest greatest destination of the digital bandwagon. Sure, we are all going social/mobile, but what then? Where is the advantage if everyone is doing it… I ask you this.

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