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New Media

Milwaukee, WI – What is the best way to reach the widest audience as fast as possible? The web. Does that mean that other forms of communication aren’t worthwhile. No way, Jose. New and Old Media are BOTH here to stay.

Print. Proven since the time of Gutenberg, however waning in it’s importance as new media such as broadcast, internet, and mobile networks come on-line. Magazines are still a quality source to showcase high quality photography & newspapers are sure to get the word out there regarding your product and service. Dailies/Weeklies are everywhere and really inexpensive to advertise with.

Radio. Strange bird- a hybrid of TV and new media – yet most stations still broadcast in in analogue format over FM transmitters designed in the middle of the last century. It can still be a fantastic way to generate buzz for an event, or of course, the station itself.

Television. or T.V. is too undergoing a transformation from the 2008 analogue world into the the 2009 mandated digital world. And let’s face it, most of it is cable or dish these days. Both digital formats that can connect your tv, stereo, movie player, lights, anything really, broadband uses some of these same wires and as infrastructure. TV is here to stay and even seeing a rise with home video/ web based programs now coming to your television. i.e. vudu, apple tv, dvr capabilities.

The Web. The future. plain and simple, however it is the idea of inter-net’s that is the future. Grand Piano’s connected to play songs of the radio, save, record, and cloud computing – this stuff. To think that we’d be tied down to a 13.3 laptop and bet the future on business on it is moronic to say the least. While screen size might grow, project, go 3d, or whatever – that fact that the web is the highway for the world’s collective thought and business in-roads. It is what makes the web sticky, alluring, and so promising.

The World. To repeat everything I said for the web as it is our future, isn’t quite right, but yes the web will be moving the world. Yet information needs to be understood to be valuable – a system has to be in place. So what if our eco-system can’t hold the web? What then? We do need to shoot for carbon -neutral internet, alternative means of transporation, more food, resources and so on. Hopefully we can bring each other together with all types of media, new and old in order to do so, for without a sustainable world – what use is the web?

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