Bill Gates steps down from empire, steps up to serve humakind.

(Redmond, WA) “Miracles really do come true” someone cuter than myself once said. And Bill Gates has brought miracles and innovation to humankind in ways civilization never thought was possible. In tech terms, he has also brought an enframing monopoly that controls the way people compute (Not unlike a smaller cuter Cupertino competitor) and has received a lot of crap (and a pie in the face) for this in exchange for money – he was for much of his career the richest person in the world. And some of it is true – but most of it is crap. We as in humanity owe this guy a lot. He was savvy, innovative, and genius.

Does anyone remember the pre-MSFT days? (big blue & button ups) – it was the first place where you could wear a short sleeve shirt and were able to goof off. Google owes them that, and while they are from too different eras of computing, one wouldn’t have happened without the other – it’s simply the space time continum we are talking about here. So as Bill rides into the sunset, setting his mind to rest, he is awakening his spirit where he best feels he can serve mankind. He’s hanging up his hat on his terms. Not-for-profit, for us. I hope that people’s lasting imagine of the man is for his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation work he will commit the rest of his life to and people will see him in a light which is more kind. Humankind. 😉


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