Republican’s “Pale in” comparison to shining Democratic ticket.

72 year old John McCain selected a cute gung ho lady from near the north pole as his selection. Her experience, nearly zero – her cute-a-bility, pretty high, but that’s it aside from being the mayor of South Park for a few years too. The fact that she’s 44 and accomplished pretty much is great, but really in the world arena – what does this white girl from Alaska have to offer McCain? A last desperate hope. Yes she changes the race, but I don’t think all the fervent Hillary supporters that saw the DNC speech will care too much. Palin is pro-abortion, she is pro-oil, She is pro-war…

The GOP ticket of McCain Pale in comparison to the unshakable Deomocratic Obama-Biden ticket. America we have our winners, and our next president of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

Pale in comparison (with something)

to seem lacking in importance or quality than something else. I thought I had a frightening accident, but mine pales in comparison with yours.
See also: comparisonpale

2 Responses to Republican’s “Pale in” comparison to shining Democratic ticket.

  1. jrandersoniii says:

    Yeah, because “hope and change” is so meaningful. Each ticket has a crotchety old man, at least both on McCains side are experienced. Saying “hope and change; change and hope” does not lead to hope and change alone.

  2. 2.0 Weblogs says:

    hope and change is meaningful. meaning, i hope that obama & biden soundly defeat crotchety and his pal, southpark sarah.

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