YouTube for your private company’s intranet.

This is a random office for a random worker on a random day... now with Video.

This is a random office for a random worker on a random day... now with Video.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – The net is abuzz with Google’s new web   browser, dubbed, Chrome. It is a game changer based on the Apple, Inc. web kit that smokes Safari. Sleeker, faster, and boasting “uncrashable windows” (so instead of your browser locking up, only a tab will essentially fail and the rest of the tabs, or “engines” will keep on ticking.” So it is said. However, I am less excited about that Google buzzness as I am about Google video for business. Isn’t business what it’s all about? (After peace love and happiness of course!)

So why should I care?

If you work at a company that embraces change and creativity, this is fantastic that’s why you should care. It opens up a forum for video-to-video responses that pave the way to displace company email. Well… most companies wont take it that far (yet), but they could. (see video below)

Google for Business is a Google’s Web “App” (i.e. Application) that will be able to have figure heads communicate with the specks of dust like myself.

This invariably will lead to some very funny moments as executives make gaffes and company’s have their own viral videos (all in good fun of course). I can just imagine what sort of hijinks the folks at Comedy Central or the Onion could have with this. Lot’s, I’ll bet.

So as it is a video service push forth the power that is new media and web 2.0 I’ll quit with the script and let you see a video for yourself. It’s easy to sign-up too. However as i am still that speck, I don’t dare do this – however I could perhaps send my bosses news through a video channel outside the internet. It’s a lil’ something I created when I was higher up on the ladder and video was first getting popular, the channel is called, But that’s another story…

Launch Video Below


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