Onion, Inc. Releases “Decider” A City Guide.

November 4th, 2008. (Milwaukee) Onion, Inc. released Decider on a national level today in both Austin, Texas and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Decider is reported by the Business Journal here:

New Website and Online Community Connects Users to Entertainment and Nightlife in Chicago and Madison

Future Decider Sites to Launch in Select U.S. Cities in Coming Months



CHICAGO, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ — The creators of The Onion and The A.V. Club have launched a new website and online community called Decider (www.decider.com). Designed to inform and engage its users about entertainment and nightlife in select U.S. cities, Decider presents a comprehensive look at events and entertainment (music, comedy, theatre, movies, food, drink and more) via an easy to navigate site. But Decider does more. It offers an editorial perspective on what’s good. It features great writing that doesn’t talk down to its readers and it’s both discerning and comprehensive.

Decider has recently launched its first two sites, in Chicago and Madison. Future sites are in the works for Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Milwaukee, Austin, Denver and the Twin Cities.

“For years the nation’s cool older brothers have been burdened with the task of alerting people to the essential live shows that are coming to town, while bar and restaurant seekers were tied to the tyranny of the Yellow Pages. Decider will change that in cities across the country, forever eliminating the need for older siblings and phone books everywhere,” said The Onion’s Chief Venture Officer, Sean Mills.

Presenting a wealth of information in a functional, easy-to-use way, Decider never overwhelms its users with busy, cluttered phonebook style pages. And by utilizing the relatively new open source platform Django — a web framework that encourages rapid development and clean design — Decider looks and feels decidedly different.

“We’ve developed a curatorial, approachable voice in The A.V. Club that people have come to both enjoy and respect,” says The A.V. Club’s managing editor Josh Modell. “Decider brings that voice to the local level.”

Of the latest site launch in Madison editor Kyle Ryan adds, “Obviously we have deep roots in Madison. It’s where it all began for The Onion and we feel very connected to that city. We’re excited to be expanding our presence there. We look forward to helping people experience the great things that happen in Madison and maintain their air of superiority over the rest of Wisconsin. At least until we launch Decider Milwaukee.”

Decider also encourages users to have a hand in its content. Like a restaurant? Want to recommend a bar? Saw a great show? Decider not only wants to know about it, they want users to let everyone else know. At Decider users can not only “post a comment” they can actually embrace their inner critic — by writing food and bar reviews, concert reviews and more.

Check out Decider at www.decider.com.

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