Google Chrome comes out of zeta – when is it for mac?

(Mountain View, CA) Google, Inc. created a browser buzz when it released its Chrome browser earlier this fall. While it was only released in beta – it had noticeable speed advantages over Firefox, IE explorer, Opera, Flock, and anything else you can come up with. When I say noticeable, I mean really freaking fast. Even in Beta Google Chrome is my preferred browser when I work on a PC, which is obviously as an Apple author… not too much. That very well may change with my interest in learning Linux this year. Let’s face it, I’m glad that they are out of beta, but c’mon – still no native support for mac?

There are ways to take advantage of Google’s Chrome on the mac, one is called Crossover Chomium supported by Codeweavers however it doesn’t work as well or as fast as it does on a PC. And crashes… alot. So there is also Parallels and VMWare Fusion, but again this is a more expensive wrap around solution.

So when is it coming to native So what makes it work so well on the x86 PC platform. It’s design, lack of plugins, and overall architecture. There are no other browsers that work as fast as Chrome – it’s tabs are engines in themselves, it doesn’t crash, and has a minimal design that will in effect be Google’s entry into the browser based desktop. This is good for them as it will make Google gears, apps, and well… everything they do more intriguing for the consumer and businesses to simply connect to the web and use the webwear of a raoring fast browser than loading the processesor intensive heavy software applicaitons we have been acccustomed to this day.

So I ask again, when will there be Google Chrome for the happy mac? While Chrome lacks the plug-ins vs. Mozilla which will be an interesting power struggle story in itself, that is not my concern at this point, Google, when will you release Chrome for mac?


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  1. Tasty Apple says:

    I want to take a bite out of your blog. looks sooooo tasty!

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