The Curious Case of Marketing Methods

Marketing is a dynamic thinkers game. It is a field that uses all five senses and foresight into the other players’ games. Like chess, the road to success in marketing is based on experience, yet actual success is only based on the consequences of the next move.

The further you see into the future, the better you should be in business. Marketing is unique in that is covers a wide gamut of skill sets, sets that rely more on instinct and evolving intelligence than experience. Marketing is understanding social impact, business operations: sales, distribution, art, design, people, culture, networking, conversation, empathy, sympathy, proven hard work by both women, men & their societies, its psychology, trends and statistics… human calculus, and more than anything – open communication.

Sales has very little to do with marketing. Creativity has everything to do with it.

Enthusiasm, seems at first to be of higher importance – but that is dead wrong.

Creation is enlightenment. “Oh, why didn’t I think of that?” Exactly.

A person’s learning process usually passes through three stages. In the beginning they learn the right answers. In the second stage they learn the right questions. In the third and final stage they learn which questions are worth asking. Never come to the table without the right questions. It shows forethought, a key indicator of intelligence, and a window into the professional, a professional understands these stages, the people they are dealing with and is a good listener first. No, a great listener – someone who can relate to anybody, because they themselves understand people. The first benchmark in the field. All of this now leads to open communication.

OC is the key to new media, web media, and the marketing of tomorrow.

An open door leads to open minds. So when I see a brand embrace new media in a way that understands people I admire them, because of the people that made these brands successful. It is the curiosity of creativity that we can learn from best.

Small examples of the day would be Toyota and it’s customizable Scion brand, Gortex and their open door management, and Burger King and their Whopper Virgins campaign. I don’t necessarily feel that the latter is the shining example as the first two and if you understood the impact of marketing methods, you will see why.

Case in point of missing the boat, click here, and contribute to OC marketing in an experiment I created and smile as you yourself, think of your next move.


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