LA Times calls Ryan Thompson a “Social Media Strategist” – Here’s Why…

When I first decided that Twitter was a powerful tool for social change, I thought I’d have a friend of mine register and just sort of roll with it.  Shortly after came out to join the fray in order to interact with the public. I would have to say they are both fun and have recently doubled in size since grabbing over 1300 Digg’s and being printed in the LA Times. Here are some quotes about me:

“The idea for Paul’s pet project (whoppervirgins) came from his friend, Ryan Thompson, a social media strategist from Milwaukee. This type of pop culture spoofing is a way that consumers are taking a company’s advertising to the next level, Thompson said.

“It’s just part of the conversation — open communication,” he said. “All we’re doing is continuing that conversation in a different forum.”

Thompson was so impressed with Paul’s success with Whopper Virgins — it has amassed 422 followers –that he started his own version. The 3conomics account on Twitter, based on the Wendy’s TV ad campaign, hosts fewer satirical jabs at the burger franchise. It occasionally interacts publicly with Whopper Virgins.

Thompson says he’s also doing it for fun and has no intention of troubling the fast-food company. “There’s no ill will,” he said. “I’m a fan of the Biggie Fries.”

With global communication tools within the social media realm becoming so prevalent, Thompson says that for companies to have a truly successful marketing plan, they must talkwith the consumer, not to them.

“I believe you have to be part of the conversation, or you’re not saying anything at all,” he said.

Read the full article, buy “Digging it above” or going to the story directly through  the LA TImes website. You can contact me quickest  on Twitter at:


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