Hi My name is Ryan Thompson drop me a line HERE or read a bit about me below, this is just one of many websites I update.

iHave been featured in both the Los Angeles Times as a Social Media Strategist, and the Wall Street Journal for Mobile  Communications. This blog hasn’t been updated nearly 3 and a half years. (Been blogging since 2004)

iAm a supplier of information, a blogger, and strategic thinker who thought of that already…

1,020,763 all time visitors as of 3/25/11

Blog started on 4/20/07

Digital media & the history of “i”

Thunk Different started as a personal blog, that grew into a vista on mac culture, social media, industry news, applications, interactive marketing, analytics, mobile media, creative comparisons, other sites and oh so much more…


2005 “iStarted a school in Argentina

2006 “iStarted my first podcast, in January – The Expat Podcast

2007 “iStarted my first full-time RSS weblog, ThunkDifferent.com & digital media services.”

2008 “iStarted building the 2.0 Weblogs collective & sell advertising on-line and in the real world.”

2009 “iClosed the 2.0weblogs collective as I thought it was a great idea along the lines of mashable, huffpo, techcrunch – but man, I needed writers, had none and need to eat, iKnow – my fault!” hey I got to help consult on starting up 11 different media markets and be a trial writer for the Onion, which was an adolescent dream come true. (Notice, not an editor – writing skill can be pore 😉

2009 “Continue to grow digitally, furthering my education on people and social business skills. Contributed to both teamwork & success at work and with projects such this huge event at my city’s marquee art museum and said, “enough!” Went back to speaking and writing communication plans.

2010-2011 Did this a whole bunch in the Caribbean and Mexico for two years.

2011-now Going strong.

10.16.2007 (Photo: Mid-July, Brooklyn NY)

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iStarted Thunk Different on 4/20/07 as a personal journal shortly after it was announced that Apple’s OS X installment of Leopard was delayed. The blog has grown considerably since i started it and receives a few hundred to thousands hits a day. iHave since created a community forum for people that need support or wish to join the discourse when the blog is simply not enough for the super inquisitive. You may join the apple forum here.

Now, iLike Apple & their design team, but not everything they do. i’ll let you know what i like, what i don’t and encourage readers to do the same. if you like something, say something. if you don’t like something, say something. The photo above was taken of me in Brooklyn, NY on the first day iGot my new Macbook. iSold it due to a weak graphics card and small screen and upgraded to something that would never be mistaken for a toy, the powerful, MBP, with a show iam making with some friends.

iF you need any tips, designing, or with mac programs, I’ll help you out if iHave the time, either SMS, email, use Twitter, or call my 1.0 phone number to request assistance/contact/or leave filthy, dirty comments, i’ll post them.

Thunk Different is part of the 2.0 weblogs collective.


Q & A session.

1.How much can you bench?

over 112. 113 pounds. Maybe more.

2. How high can you jump?

i quit that stuff.

3. How high can you count?

i have counted as high as 6,011

4. Can you skate?

Ollie baby. iCan ollie

5. Can you swim?

Over a mile in the dark.

6. Do you like music?

Man, iVe “invented music”

7. Are you color blind?

And God gets stuck in traffic.

8.Have you been in aggressive agreement?

Yeah I Have!

9.Peaches or Apples.

What do you think?

10. Do you know the muffin man?

Just listen to the radio show….


7 Responses to About

  1. 2.0 weblogs says:

    Please submit photos, art, news, anything you would like me to post.

    Please send your information to ThunkDifferent {at} gmail dot com

    Mil Gracias!

  2. compassioninpolitics says:

    I watched the debates & did some behind the scenes virtual work for the Huffington post & came away with somewhat similar conclusions. What 2-3 videos do you think will be the “water cooler” videos? How about the candidates response, which moments were the “Blink” moments which either struck you as seminal and salient moments (or sound bites)?
    My takeaways were…..

  3. On the Democratic You Tube Debate:

    “Water Cooler Moments” Hmmm.

    -When Barack said he would meet with leaders and called the current Bush administration’s diplomatic efforts, “ridiculous”

    -The Lesbian video was cute, the snowman one was cuter. The guys from Tennesee wer funny, CNN kept showing the grin of Edwards which was a little strange.

    -John Edwards seems impassioned to take on sig interests.
    -Hillary made a feminist joke in good taste
    -Barack was questioned about his blackness and threw out the “cab in manhattan” scenario/joke.

    -When Cooper Anerson said they couldn’t find anyone left of Dennis Kucinich, that was really quick and made up for his persnickety “time” chimes and slight badgering of the candidates.

    -The fact that most democrats seems united and made comments along the lines of, “any of us would be a better president than George Bush.”

    There you have it seminal & salient, i thought that it was one of the better debates i have seem on TV that has been broadcast in my lifetime. i really enjoyed it.

    Oh… Readers: Questions & things should go on the post it is relating to, however now you know this much more about me, in the About Me section.

  4. Just saw your photo I love it… Ab

  5. Thanks Aunt Birdie, i hope AZ was fun and you avoided the wildfires that are 0% contained!

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