An Apple A Day Will…

April 24, 2008

apple orchard

Will keep the technicians away. Get a mac and learn how to create better.


iLife 08 Update (Thank god…. I mean Steve)

September 27, 2007

Major updagrades in: imovie, iphoto, idvd, garageband – additional features as well as improved overall stability. Yeah… just get the 8.1 support pack here first.

ilife 08

Apple today released iMovie 7.1 which addresses several areas including video and audio editing capabilities, and performance associated with opening and switching iMovie Events and Projects. This update also supports general compatibility issues, improves overall stability, and addresses a number of other minor issues.

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The next iMac review…

September 25, 2007

Ohhh what 2 buy, what 2 buy….ifish

iWas thinking hmm, quad core g5 powermac, but then, y’know… ya gotta futurize, so intel is likley the best choice when making such a massive purchase. It’s just that g5 quads on ebay are do-able as in $1750, which is a chunk of change, but SO much computer.

Anyway, ihave an iMac now, and boy-o-boy it does the job, so i think i’ll stick with the new slick, 2.4 ghz with 3 gigs of RAM or so, but only under one condition…

That iGet ANOTHER monitor.

Hey, its video editing, i just gotta. Put it this way. iWANT the 24″ 2.8 imac with a terra byte maxed out on RAM, but can u believe it is over budget, yeah, tell me about it.

So the next logical thing to do is either get a dated refurb, for a much lower price, or get… new and old.. both?

Yeah, the catch is that I will have to get a 20″ iMac again, but a 20″ with a tonn of power AND an Apple monitor. Hot tamale! i know it. It’s not all that much really. You buy the 2.4 20″ imac, and go for the 20″ refurb monitor. That way things look uniform and you are still looking at state of the art-cult-of-mac status that will ensure: future-proofing, high quality editing, and perhaps the ability to run Civilization 4, which at $45 seems a better hipper deal, than civ 3 for $15 on ebay, but either way; a 24″ new with 500 hard drive is over $2000 and for about the same price you can get a new 20″ 2.4 with a 20″ Apple refurb monitor all from the Apple store at about the same price.

Anyhoo, since I lifted a little Wikipedia media about the iMac on my mind, iThought it best to fill you in on a little more about Apple, Inc. and the things iThink. Still waiting for Leopard tho, don’t wait for iWork 08 (get it) and waiting for a quad/ocho after mac goes all intel 45 nm penryn until i go all out for a power station and likely say ciao to the imac unless by some chance my kid wants one and they kick as much fanny in 10 years as they do now. De todas maneras. Saludos.

power mac review

August 23, 2007


.mac icard

Well, thanks for keeping up with the Joneses…As for me i have been in the midwest, primarily in Northern Minnesota with a group of people from Chicago and those that are from, Minnie-soh-ta, god love ‘em.And so how did I celebrate after all these travels, with Apple’s new mac gallery of course! And what did i Think? It needs major improvement of course!in fact, it is pretty much flawed. iSee that Apple fixed a bug in the iWeb suite for iLife ‘08… cool, now fix the 10 gigabyte web gallery please. here are some pros and cons of a service i generally like, but don’t know if it is even as good as Flickr, and certainly not for the price.Ok, the first thing you have to know about Apple websites is that they are S.L..O…W…. They load slow, they act slow, they are SLOW. So what would make you think anything different with the web gallery? Exactly. It is slow. In fact, for a $99.00 hosting service you would expect something like 250 megabytes of storage and your pages to load lick-i-ty-split. Not .mac – it’s got a slow game. I would hesitate to even call is something as cool as dot mac, its more like dot kinda got some game sometimes but not quite like a mac, which i suppose is much to long of a domain name. ( ICANN maxes out after 28 letters no?) iDigress.I found iWeb to be a better loading service than dot mac web gallery. The transitions are much smoother, you can add music, a header caption, but most of all it is the editing that is far superior on the iWeb page creator than the dot mac gallery. Why?The dot mac web gallery is subject to constant updating. So when you move a photo, your graphics card, memory, processor are all thinking at the same time as the internet is trying to adjust your collection. It’s a pain. See in iWeb you do what you want and then publish. presto, great, its’ so easy. in dot mac, you don’t have a blueprint mode, it is all live. And further more, even though Steve Jobs claimed it was just like on your desktop, nope. Dot mac is slow, and moving pictures around after a few pictures seems to wreak (sp?) havoc on the dot mac server. iWeb is superior, cleaner, quicker, and overall a service that already fits the needs of a consumer.Some Advantages:email friends* (yet not easy to pull from address book in my exp)change views* (mosaic is nice, but you can move pictures around there, the coverflow version is somewhat useless and to reiterate, the slideslow sux. (see below)Events Categorization* (This is cool, however I couldn’t for the life of me select the top photo. in iPhoto it is very easy, spacebar, bam! In the dot mac web gallery i had issues with this, i tried logging in to dot mac, used iPhoto, everything, please send me the way to do this if you know how.)Disadvantages: $99.00 for another service when Flickr IS superior. Really, i’m pretty disappointed with the flexibility of the web gallery. In thoery it is a great edition to doc mac, but you read my concerns and please help email me or Apple with solutions, but their is one MAJOR issue that matters more than all the user-ability combined.The dot mac security features are flawed.How? They;re aren’t any that i can find. Meaning, I would LOVE to show everyone my pictures with a code or something, but can’t i just have to post things away and then run into facebook, myspace, and social networking security issues once i throw my life up on the web. This is the largest issue of all, password protection and more exclusivity. If there is a way to do this with both .mac, iWeb, or anything in the iLife suite plese email me. And if you would like to see the difference between a wild wedding two weeks ago and wild weekend in the Minnesota Northwoods, just email me and i will let you compare them personally. Unfortunately i can’t just throw them up, because Apple has a lot to work on with the dot mac gallery, speed, ease-of-use, and security.

New iMac Benchmarks: Santa Rosa Chipset Speed Tests. 24″models

August 13, 2007

primate labs results24 inch iMac Performance via Primate Labs!

August 9th, 2007 Steve Jobs announced new iMacs on Tuesday and while I’m not sure Iimac speed test like the new enclosure, I do like the other improvements that come with the new iMacs like faster processors, more hard drive space, and the Santa Rosa chipset.

I thought I’d compare the performance of the latest 24-inch iMac against the previous generation of 24-inch iMacs using Geekbench 2. While I don’t have any results for the 24-inch iMac with the Core 2 Extreme processor right now, I’ll update this article once I receive results for the Core 2 Extreme processor.


  • iMac (24-inch Mid 2007)
    • Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.40GHz
    • 2.00 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    • Mac OS X 10.4.10 (Build 8R4031)
  • iMac (24-inch)
    • Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.33GHz
    • 2.00 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    • Mac OS X 10.4.10 (Build 8R2218)
  • iMac (24-inch)
    • Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.16GHz
    • 2.00 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    • Mac OS X 10.4.10 (Build 8R2218)

Primate Labs is reporting the baseline score, rather than the raw score, for each benchmark (where a score of 1000 is the score a Power Mac G5 1.6GHz would receive). Higher is better.

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Web 2.0 Video: “The Machine is Us/ing Us.” Interview Question.

August 12, 2007

Please take a second to check out this video, I have contacted an attached author, Michael Bianchi, regarding this production about global communications and the project itself. Here is a quote from Michael whose video is featured in the project…

What do you mean by “communication” ? Are you talking about the daily emails that i’m receiving? Are you asking me if this particular video , “the machine is us/ing us” brought me new & important contacts?…

If so , I have no idea. my youtube channel has a total of aprox + 4700 members. I’ve been contacted by film festivals , tv networks , fans , haters , musicians , producers etc…But many important opportunities never came to fruition because I’m located in Paris. & I’m contacted by americans (80% of the time).

One of my videos , titled “youtubers” was screened at a short film festival….and apart from that , I’m currently working on my very first fianced short film project.”

So there you have it.

Dear Real Steve Jobs… Thank you for iLife ’08.

August 8, 2007

red buttons Dear Real Steve Jobs,

Thank you. The iLife ’08 released today looks to be the most revolutionary media software package on earth. The iMacs… incredible, .Mac – Thank god, Numbers – expected, but thanks. All is all, iLife ’08 fills in the gaps that the Leopard keynote was missing, and then some. iMovie… who is that guy who simply came up with this idea, the idea that changed media forever? I want to buy him a gift on Facebook, and then buy him a real one, doesn’t matter what it is, a beer, candy, a rainbow, whatever he wants. He deserves it. He deserves to go on more vacations. Send him to india, the pyramids, the wall, stonehenge. I’m interested to see what he comes up with. iThink we all are.

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garage band 08

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