1,000,000 & Counting…

November 15, 2010

Thanks for visiting, but this blog closed after I hit 1,000,000 visitors.

Hi all,

iKnow that I said my last post would be 3 years to the day that I started this thing AND that I said I’d be creating another blog (which I have) BUT I wanted to take the time to salute WordPress for the platform & Apple for the products, and you the readers that over the years made this blog a success. I still receive 100-200 hits a day thanks to SEO, but in it’s “hay day” this blog brought in bit more than that. I was up to 100,000 a month at my peak and that was without twitter & facebook. How the times have changed. Thanks again, for reading and continue to stay tuned to what I am up to on both Twitter and the general interwebz. Cheers to 1,000,000 and counting…





Moving On…

April 20, 2010

iRecently read a post from a current co-worker who was changing roles after 7 years of faithful service. He is a great guy and iWish him luck. IVE only been here 3 years with THUNK Different and I’ll tip my hat to that co-worker by naming this post after his goodbye post.

Folks  it’s time to move on from WordPress.com onto something that offers more flexibility and is more compatible for a better blogosphere.

So this will be the last post on ThunkDifferent.wordpress.com. The site will be transforming in aesthetic & moving to ThunkDifferent.fuelpress.com

It’s been a great ride, reached nearly 1,000,000 hits and has been a big since a pride in terms of being a mac guy. I feel’s it’s appropos that nearly 3 years to the day – the biggest leak in Apple history took place with postings of the iPhone 4(HD) prototype on another gadget/gizmo blog. Gizmodo. I leave you with a delicious site & an exciting rumor about the ultimate Apple product.

You will still be able to locate it at ThunkDifferent.com or on our newly formed Twitter Account. Until then, feel free to read another new blog iCreated, coming soon…

iThank you.



VIDEO: The World is Awesome

April 18, 2010

Please enjoy this video and look for Thunk Different to have a whole new look by May of 2010. Thanks to the 950,000 visitors I’ve had in the last few years, it’s been a great ride.

iPad to knock your socks off…

March 26, 2010

Honda Buys Out Wall Street Journal’s Paywall When Headlines Slay Toyota.

February 3, 2010

An uncanny coincidence? Honda buys out the Wall Street Journals paywall while bad news for Toyota hogs the headlines. LIVE

Chillax wit dis.

November 30, 2009

iMac. Delivered.

October 21, 2009