58,981 web visitors last month.

April 1, 2008


Last month saw some pretty big numbers. Likely enough to advertise some serious coin. However, Thunk Different still has a ways to go before we are even a year old and there is so much more to do with 2.0 weblogs. If you would like to write for Thunk Different, or collaborate just say the word and we’ll see what’s shaking. Thanks for reading people, it’s a great resource, so bookmark us for sure if you like iphone, mac, apple, wii, games, tech, mobile, biz, movies, sex, green business & gorgeous photography – it’s what we do.. its the world thought out and turned on its head, we can think different, this blog is thunk different… It’s web 2.0


Facebook Slammed by Scandal. After the Rain (Scandal) VIDEO.

December 6, 2007


scandal facebook“Scandal you say?” Yeah, pretty much. The internet community has been in a building uproar over the controversial Facebook ad beacon system. A system that would completely compromise your security and privacy without you knowing. Facebook & it’s CEO Mark zuckerberg have publicly conceded deafeat… “We’ve made a lot of mistakes building this feature, but we’ve made even more with how we’ve handled them,” Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook’s blog. “We simply did a bad job with this release, and I apologize for it.” aka “The other day I was thinking there is no such thing as bad pr, now, i kind of see it as, “We tried to trick you and take our money and that kept pissing you off and we thought it would like go away, but you kept yelling at us through the door like in that After the Rain video.” Read the rest of this entry »

Intel to launch Penryn mobile chips ahead of Macworld

December 5, 2007

Intel Corp. plans to formally introduce its Penryn family of next-generation mobile processors in early January, paving the way for significant upgrades to Apple Inc.’s notebook and iMac consumer desktop lines shortly thereafter.

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Dr. Ron “Che Ernesto” Paul

December 5, 2007

So, who is Ron Paul? Tech media darling of the republican party, the conservative against the war, the long shot for the GOP nomination, or just the easiest going fella you could ever meet? Let’s simply take a look at what Wikipedia has to say, and then, it’ sup to you to google the rest. k? Read the rest of this entry »

Thunk Different Daily Comments…

December 4, 2007

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This is a short 3 minute update regarding Nokia & how that relates to Apple & myself. i also mention the six apart fiasco, losing my blackberry, the wall street journal, and how i’d like to skip my motorola into the ocean. Enjoy 🙂

-Thunk Different MP3

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Undercover video: Why Apple only takes credit cards for iPhones

November 5, 2007

Is Apple not accepting cash for iPhones? And if so, are Apple Store personnel offering any explanations to customers? To find out, I paid an undercover visit to a nearby Appleiphone credit card Store and we captured most of the conversation on video

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Thunk Different Has Web’s Hottest Apple News!

October 31, 2007

That’s Right. Thunk Different is sporting the hottest news in the world of Apple 24/7, including video, audio, myspace, youtube & constant updating. You see Thunk Different just added another new widget to our sidebar and will continue to listen to your feedback. Thanks for the e-mails, twitter shout-outs, facebook zombie chomps, tips, the web’s hottest Apple News!


“PC should really check out Thunk Different for the latest Apple News.”