Facebook hires top Google exec as COO

March 5, 2008

Rapidly growing online hangout Facebook Inc. is luring one of Google Inc.’s top advertising executives to be its new chief operating officer.

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Internet Party: What Happens If Google’s Parents Leave Town

January 17, 2008

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Facebook Slammed by Scandal. After the Rain (Scandal) VIDEO.

December 6, 2007


scandal facebook“Scandal you say?” Yeah, pretty much. The internet community has been in a building uproar over the controversial Facebook ad beacon system. A system that would completely compromise your security and privacy without you knowing. Facebook & it’s CEO Mark zuckerberg have publicly conceded deafeat… “We’ve made a lot of mistakes building this feature, but we’ve made even more with how we’ve handled them,” Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook’s blog. “We simply did a bad job with this release, and I apologize for it.” aka “The other day I was thinking there is no such thing as bad pr, now, i kind of see it as, “We tried to trick you and take our money and that kept pissing you off and we thought it would like go away, but you kept yelling at us through the door like in that After the Rain video.” Read the rest of this entry »

MySpace + Google = LinkedIness. Is Facebook Ready to Rumble?

November 2, 2007


Google & MySpace are taking on the growing (threatening) Facebook crowd and the ENTIRE developing community.
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Why? Bling & because they can. How? Search baby. Lots & Lots of search.

That means more that simply “Rachel Ray Gum care” it means, when you are looking for people on MySpace, your eyes are gazing over tonns of ads, which Google wants to promote through its adwords system (adsense not so much.)

Oh… well, strange bedfellows. Hardly.

iF you remember in internet dog years Google & Fox’s MySpace inked a 900 million dollar ad partnership. iRemember at the time how funny it seemed that Google would pay that much for a company, Rupert and his Aussie crew paid a nickle under 600 million USD for. Hmmm, what was going on back then?Well, iFigure Google tried to work the social networking thing with lobbiest and behind closed doors as it built up a plan b, back-up plan is hugely popular google services like, iGoogle & Gmail 2.0whatever didn’t take off… well they didn’t not at the rate Google is used to anyhow, y’know like how their stock have tripled twice and then some (about 8x since the initial IPO.) ay ay ay.So what now?

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Watch the deals unfold. Google announed this Open Social Circle thing the other day, it sounds pretty bland actually, but if you read between the lines it get V-a-r-r-r-r-y interesting.Google wants to double the size of the internet. Like.. that. iThink they announced the open social to see what we (the public) thought, not much, so they waited a day and announced MySpace, Bling! Like Lassie’s ears when Timmy drops in a well, we are listening, and this is what they said…

“MySpace, the world’s largest social network, and Google, Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced that they are joining forces to facebooklaunch OpenSocial— a set of common APIs for building social applications across the web. The partnership spearheads an initiative to standardize and simplify the development of social applications. Today’s announcement underscores MySpace’s commitment to supporting standards that foster innovation in an increasingly social Web.

That’s from the press release, here is what some of the key players said…

NYT Article, ” Jia Shen, the chief technology officer of RockYou, a top developer, said his company would still concentrate much of its efforts on Facebook. “Facebook is still the default social network you are going to go with right now,” he said.

MSNBC dice. “”In the short term, you could view it as Google and MySpace on the one hand, and Microsoft and Facebook on the other,” said Ray Valdes, an analyst at Gartner, pointing to Microsoft’s advertising partnership and recent investment in Facebook. “There are others yet to weigh in,” he added, including internet giants such as Yahoo!, Ebay and Amazon, all of which maintain a certain amount of “social” data on their users.

linked in googleFacebook has become the focus of intense Silicon Valley buzz since it opened its site to outside developers in May. That move sparked a flurry of interest as professional and amateur developers raced to build new features that took advantage of the connections between users on the Facebook site.

However, Facebook uses its own proprietary technology for this purpose, meaning that applications written for its site cannot be used elsewhere on the Web. That contrasts with Google’s new OpenSocial technology, which seeks to establish a standard that can be appliedscary google across any network that uses it.”

And on and on… Everyone wants to make is MSFT & Facebook vs. Google & Everyone else… Well that isn’t a fair fight, especially when you throw myspace & google together with linked in, orkut, bebo, and god know who else.

The most intersting thing about this is WILL the google devloping source for open social become, an open source social? The quote from the FT/MSNBC article is right, history is betting against “forced Devlopement” crap, the Open Development Association cancelled its support of the Open Document today (why, i know now) yet, that was being pushed by one msftassociation… microsoft pushed .asp over .php javascript lives and java dies… its all very interesting and makes me want to think about italy for while where the us vs. them isn’t so important, its betting on the right horse, and making sure that the horse you picked it the one that will win, and lord knows fox has tricks up its sleeve, salude!

PS check the new firefox open source plug in for a great italian song that came on and inspired me… anyway, what r ur thoughts?

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Leopard is all hype.

October 27, 2007


Yup, iSaid it….and its true. Here it is Halloween weekend in 2007 and the best dressed costume of the year came from Cupertino. Leopard (OS X) is nothing special. At. All. iBlogged some digg crap calling it a “tipping point” dang, i’ve seen Malcolm Gladwell speak live, even met the man and i am willing to bet he IS NOT considering this marginal OS upgrade a “tipping point.” Or even gives a crap at all. iF Anything it gives MSFT time to kick the sh*t out of Apple again. Sure they got the momentum, SJ (Steve Jobs) will retire within this time frame. He came, he saw, he kicked f”ning ass. But Bill Gates did well too, they both did, and after Leopard, iPhone, iPod and the 45 nm paradigm shift has occured… iPredict Steve will retire. He should in my opinion, obviously he can do whatever he wants forever, he started Apple, he revived it, he made the keypad on my MBP glow, i owe him a foot massage and as awkward as that would be, more awkward still would for Steve to keep, “innovating.” Zaxxon high score reached. Time up. Not “game over…” Anything goes in bidness, but really, for this round, “time up.” Aside from a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, endorsed motor oil, or personal Hallmark division i don’t know what else the man can do, b/c he HAS DONE EVERYTHING. Read the rest of this entry »

“1,000,000 Strong For Stephen Colbert” Fastest Growing Facebook Group Ever

October 26, 2007

steven colbert facebook“One Million Strong for Barack” created 9 months ago currently sits at 381,000 members. “One Million Strong AGAINST Hillary” started 8 months ago currently sits at 488,000+ users. “1,000,000 Strong For Stephen T Colbert” created Oct 17th at 5PM currently at 796,819 users. Passed Barack in 5 days and Hilary yesterday. Join the group today!

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Microsoft gives Facetime to future with Facebook.

October 25, 2007

dali one second before waking up

Salvdor Dali’s Classic Painting,

“Dream Caused…

by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate One Second Before Waking Up”, 1944