Google’s iPhone for Apple’s App Store

November 16, 2008

Google’s iPhone for Apple’s App Store coming on Monday, they said it was coming by Friday and now its Sunday night. Check out the Awesomeness of this application and device below courtesy of Google Mobile.

It’s so easy, this 10 year old boy can use it. However it isn’t without controversy

“Google’s carefully orchestrated launch of their new voice-recognition search application for the iPhone took a dive this weekend. The application didn’t appear as promised, and Google took down the YouTube video demo’ing the product (although it’s still on the Google Channel YouTube page and embedded below).

This is an extraordinary event. Other search app providers have told me they’ve been kept waiting months for approval of their app, with no explanation from Apple. But Google and Apple are close, even sharing Google CEO Eric Schmidt as a board member. Something definitely went sideways, most likely involving Apple throwing a fit of some sort (Apple is just plain weird about press).

Note our report last week “-TechCrunch


Cuil is cool, but is cool what you are looking for?

July 28, 2008


Since biblical times the expression, “The meek shall inherit the earth” has been a guiding light for the weak, underprivileged and oppressed. 21st century capitalism has morphed those prophetic words into “The Geeks shall inherit the earth” And look around… content might be king – but technology is god. So when a content king like Google was introduced it was received as a hero, half human/ half god 100% geek. Face it, it is not cool. unless you are a geek that is and you see Google as a technological beakon for you to break free of your social stratus and become hero-like your self (aka the high school nerd who made bucks and lands a helicopter at their 10 year reunion with super models and a magazine profile) So as Google is geekdom, what is cooler than this Search Engine Megalith? Try Cuil on for size. Cuil (pronounced “Cool”) is to me named after an expression my cousin told me around the same time a math teacher told me about the number, a googol. Interesting… To make it even more fun, the founder of Cuil used to work at Google. Here’s the scoop according to which is already seeming to have traffic issues as their “about” button didn’t work. If this happens again, just read this and then try searching with Cuil, tell me what you think! Thanks.

About Cuil Search:

Welcome to Cuil—the world’s biggest search engine. The Internet has grown. We think it’s time search did too.

The Internet has grown exponentially in the last fifteen years but search engines have not kept up—until now. Cuil searches more pages on the Web than anyone else—three times as many as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft.

Rather than rely on superficial popularity metrics, Cuil searches for and ranks pages based on their content and relevance. When we find a page with your keywords, we stay on that page and analyze the rest of its content, its concepts, their inter-relationships and the page’s coherency.

Then we offer you helpful choices and suggestions until you find the page you want and that you know is out there. We believe that analyzing the Web rather than our users is a more useful approach, so we don’t collect data about you and your habits, lest we are tempted to peek. With Cuil, your search history is always private.

Cuil is an old Irish word for knowledge. For knowledge, ask Cuil.


Half a million hits. Serious Web Traffic @ Thunk Different

July 25, 2008

500,000+ visitors and counting.

iThink that is the mark of a good blog. A blog iSimply started as a response to a situation… it has spawned so much more and all of it for no cost to me at all. Except my time, energy and combination of the two to make the RSS subscribers happy. And speaking of happy, iAm officially happy to have reached 500,000 visitors to the web pages of Thunk Different.

Thank you readers, WordPress, Apple, the Wall Street Journal, IBM, and everyone else who has published my work and made this possible. iAm humbled, iThunk none of this was possible and wouldn’t have been with out the web & the people the make it possible… you. 😉

An Apple A Day Will…

April 24, 2008

apple orchard

Will keep the technicians away. Get a mac and learn how to create better.

Google, Sex, and Eva Longoria (Parker)

March 28, 2008
The number one search on yahoo today is Eva Longoria Parker. Shocking? Sorta. She is one of many actresses that was featured in the show Desparate Housewives. She did that and… well she married a French NBA star. Not bad. Why is it that we Yahoo, uh hem… “Google” people the way we do? Ah yes, the thirst for the beautiful, familair, strange, intellectual stimulating, and sometimes Eva Longoria. My questions is, if she is Search number #1 at the #2 Search Engine, where is “it” girl Lindsay Lohan in all of this. Come back sexy lady, come back to #1. (or over to water the plants at my house anytime.
eva longoria (parker)

Google, Sex, & Elliot Spitzer

March 13, 2008

Ashley Alexandra DupreYikes. Not your typical headline but… that is exactly what the American public got this morning in newspapers & media outlets across the country. The governor has left the building. How does such a righteous pundit of all good and clear smear such an ascending career? Easy, the man was human. Find out more about the woman, Ashley Alexandra Dupre, on her Myspace page.

The man likely curious after his attorney general investigations unveiled, the now infamous, “Emperors club” What was it? Could I take a peek? Use a little blackmail? Fight evil for my family & state and then take a sip of the nectar? That’s not so bad is it? No, not really, unless your the attorney general that fights for the moral cause. Or a senator from Florida that saves youth and pages interns to come over, or a pastor that callspitzer call girl homosexuality tha bain of existence and engages in it, then lies about it, or a mediocre business blue blood that decides late in a human’s life he wants to go into politics and do things his way no matter how many die, or nations are scored.

Ahhh to be human. To be human is to fuck up and move on. pick up the pieces, pull yourself together, what it maybe and anything it takes, we gotta keep this thing turing ’round for us and if we are to survive, forgive, and keep having sex.

Facebook hires top Google exec as COO

March 5, 2008

Rapidly growing online hangout Facebook Inc. is luring one of Google Inc.’s top advertising executives to be its new chief operating officer.

facebook google apple

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