Intel’s roadmap… tick tock.

February 27, 2008

Apple updated it’s macbook (pro) line, this kicks ass. Another rumored update is happening in June! 

 intel roadmap

The successor to Penryn, based on a new post-Core microarchitecture which features the return of hyperthreading, is Nehalem; it was discussed at the September 2007 IDF meeting, though the release date is not until the end of 2008.

The 32 nm shrink of Nehalem is called Westmere; provided that Intel stays on target with its roadmap, Sandy Bridge will be released at 32 nm with a newer microarchitecture around 2010.[46] In 2011, Intel will launch its first processor based on a 22 nm process. Based on Intel’s cycle alternating new architectures and die shrinks every two years, it is currently assumed that this will be a shrink of Sandy Bridge.[47] (danke Wikipedia)


Last minute iMac & Macmini rumors.

August 7, 2007

With less than 24 hours to go before Apple is scheduled to host a Mac-related media event on its campus, several small tidbits regarding new iMac pricing and the fate of the Mac mini have surfaced…

mac line

New iMacs

According to one source, Apple has issued to suppliers three new iMac price points for models that are expected to be immediately available following their introduction on Tuesday. Read the rest of this entry »

iSold my Macbook. “Selling it was easy, here’s why…”

August 1, 2007

my macbookAhhh, a new Apple product. All problems are solved. My life is better, more people like me, i’m smarter… wait, none of this happens. So when I bought a macbook with Windows Vista AND The Adobe Creative Suite 3, i was so excited until i really started to use it. I bought the white one and here are the main issues with it.

  • The screen is too small. iRealized iLiked my 1999 powerbook g4 screen better immediatley. First off the glare from the “glossy” screen is annoying, it is said it makes colors more vivid and vibrant, REALLY, I don’t think so. It is also cut for HD, but at 13.3, the height feel less than 10″ so it does seem smaller that the G3 12″ iBook i had and less eye-friendly than my 14″ Lombard powerbook.
  • The Design does not feel durable, it dirties quickly. At first it seemed solid. Then little”nano” loosens would affect the body, imagine a slight ticking sound on either side. i could micropress the sides in near the grooves which would get dirty. The keyboard and palm rest also get dirty very quickly, and are not easy to clean without fear of rubbing off the letters or doing permanent damage to your keyboard.
  • It feels like a toy and serious design is all but impossible. This sadly is the biggest factor. i was torn between the macbook pro & a 15.4″ good screen size and graphics card, or the macbook with the slightly smaller screen size and terrible graphics card. i chose intelligently, but not wisely, now i know and that’s half the battle.

C’mon a macbook is half the price and the specs are the same!

Hold on there OS TigerTrainer, not so.

The graphics card matters. YouTube and Quicktime sometimes have slight issues loading. Scaling and zooming also have trouble, where the macbook will skip frames and a Dell inspirion will handle it smoothly. So will the Macbook pro obviously, plus the macbook pro screen DOES FEEL twice and large. It feels work-able, and that is what is really important.macbook specs

The specs are NOT the same. The processors are near identical, but the macbook can’t use all that power. Sure it can render things fast, but it is hard to see what you are rendering. Adobe CS3 was unworkable with it. iWas so excited to get this included as well as Vista and got it for a deal on ebay, i ended up losing about $100 when i sold it, but, got to use it for a month and used the hell out of the macbook. iSold it is great condition, but i feared if i kept it any longer it wouldn’t have lasted in good condition. The screen is flimsy and the speed of the computer makes little difference if the graphics can’t cut the mustard, more like cut the cheese. Ok, bad one – life is gouda and i’m much happier to have money in the bank and to save up for a macbook pro with Leopard, WITHOUT VISTA see here, and wait for the 45″”” nanotechiture energy saving designs from intel due late this year or in the Spring.


Not a bad, toytertainment product. Seriously for students and upper income people that want this as a secondary computer where durability, hardrive (sp? why not make it one word?), and graphic design/ contact management is not an issue. 2.75 out of 5 stars. Good: Price, processor, battery. Bad: See above.

iPhone touch screen for next iMac…

July 9, 2007

ipod touchscreen

iT has been reported that the next iMac may indeed have touch screen capabilities. Personally, I doubt it. I don’t think the Cupertino company wants to move that fast. (That would cut into profits and they are on such a roll, have you seen the Apple store foot traffic?) However, APPL has surprised us before.

The move from the g4 to the g5 imac was a major boon for the product. The iMac pretty much takes care of those that want professional design in one sleek product. The Mac Pro is notably better, but of course brings a hefty price tag to the fan inducing Xeon processors that need a housed unit of its size holding over 15 gigs of ram and Terabytes of info. Back to the Mac.

The iMac is great. I own a PPC G5 20″ i wish it had a built in camera and were a 24″ to get the 1080 HD, but hey, I’m not complaining. The next ones are rumors on Think Secret & Apple insider to have “Brushed Aluminum.” i bet they are black. Good glossy, 80 gig ipod/8 gig iPhone black. Brushed aluminum is what the macbook pro does. It is high end, it is what the mac pro does, high end things. So why would Apple bust out the 2001-2003ish brushed aluminum? It just seems to make sense. The general consensus is that they will, it looks good. Not so much on safari, but when you can touch it- look out, it feels like we are taking part in the NASA SETI program. It’s futuriffic. Shiny black is sweet too, so perhaps they will do both, but who knows, a launch later this month or next will reveal all new imac details.

Now that is just the housing, how about the screen? You know touch screen is coming. to the iPod, but what if it is the iMac next? Check out the iphone vs. iHaveAbigAssTable entry. haha. iT makes sense though.

Imagine pluging in your iPhone and having it function on your desktop, something like’s Steve Job’s keynote did at Macworld. imagine if you can touch it. Dang, maby for $199.00 or something you can get a virtual iPhone, i’d check out the trial run if my iMac was touch screen sensitive. Anyway, we are free to dream.

i suspect the next iMac will be metal, black, white, 20, 24, with perhaps a 30 inch, and if not an update to their displays. “Check out the Vista.” They will say, or Vrroom with a view as they have said.

“C’mon Cupertino, you know you wanna…

os x touchscreen

WoW. Vista Sucks.

June 26, 2007

iThought that i would write a little bit about boot camp, vista, and the latest and greatest macbook released by apple about 1 month ago.

Boot Camp. 

For the uninitiated, it is awesome. It is Windows on your mac and able to use all your RAM, your Core Duo 2, YOUR L2 667 mhz front side bus, all of it. Blazing fast OS.

How does it work?

Easy, you hold down the Alt/option key when turning on your machine, this will give you the option to select the any part of your partitioned drive, in my case, Windows Visata Business & OS X Tiger. You could of course put Ubuntu, or another Linux based operating system, but really, why?

The two main operating systems out their for consumers in Windows & OS X, both with good features, but both with shortcomings. Here are some of Vista’s and i’ll discuss the features missing in OS later this year, just not today.

Microsoft Vista on Macbook. 

Have a Dell? A Thunkpad? There are all the same, except that they can’t fun OS X, the world’s most advanced operating system, and for the consumer, i’d have to agree.

Vista leaves alot to be desired, so much in fact, it makes me miss XP a bit, Vista is very flashy, yet “tinney” so the glitz feels more like an old vegas makeover than the construction of the new OS strip. For instance, some of the volume controls feel like they are imported from a 1999 developers conference when on-line volume control was being touted as replacing buttons industry wide.

All the cool feautred i have seen advertised as airports, on tv, the web, everywhere fal really fricking short, there is just no “wow” factor, it s big time case of over compensating what it lacks… innovation. Now really overall, who cares that much about an operating system except that you will want to have things secure and function properly, hey if a compan throws in “paint” all the better.

Well i have driver issues right away, even after the express MSFT update, and even an issue getting adobe flash to just work… stupid no? Well, it’s the same old thing. i think Microsoft is capable of an incredible operating system and on the whole think Windows is alright, but Vista is really just Window with more paint on it.

Is it safer? i hope so, it seems so, but it is not as safe as OS X. Files don’t tranfer as easily, and asisde form the dashboard, (whoops, i mean gadagets) on the side, everything is better from a funtional standpoint in OS X. Add stacks, spaces, ichat, mail, and the whole list in Leopard and it is not even close as to which system should be your primary.

Is Vista a waste of Money?

Not entirely, I have the high-end business account and see no reason why it is better than the budget version, i got a deal, so the price wasn’t important to me, but choosing the right OS when saving data and surfing the web is. So no, it is likley not a waste of money if you need it for work or a special service like Vongo downloads, but dang, is it a waste of time? Yeah, Vista is pretty much a waste of time.


It’s hard to believe that the macbook is not called the macbook pro. It is just as fast in most applications, has a better battery life, a better heat distribution case, an easier keyboard than the high end Apple model, and even the lowest of the low comes with N-capale wifi streaming, isight, and a core duo 2 processor with a big front side bus and L4 cache. The macbook has a 13.3 inch screen which is still better than the former ibook and really it is faster than the powerbook. It’s an imac on the go, its peppy, its zippy, and i will only use it another operating system when it is absolutely vital. All macbooks burns CDs, other notebooks, and OS X rips Vista too: better battery life , faster boot/close times and basically unlike Vista OS X doesn’t suck.

All WWDC 2007 live streams: Steve Jobs & Apple Announcement.

June 11, 2007

steve jobs 2007

Here are all the LIVE coverage links for WWDC 2007 in SF, CA.

MacDailyNews will feature live coverage of Apple’s WWDC Keynote presentation by Steve Jobs. Live updates will be available via a special text-only “lite” page here:

Shortly before the presentation, the MacDailyNews home page will redirect to the WWDC coverage page in order to help minimize server load. Shortly after the presentation, MacDailyNews will return as normal.

We will, of course, be updating as usual before and after Jobs’ keynote.

As with Macworld Expo and WWDC keynotes in the recent past, Apple will not be providing a real-time webcast or satellite broadcast. It is expected that Apple will post a QuickTime of Jobs’ keynote on their web site later today.

See you today at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 5pm GMT!

Other live text coverage options: (service overloading so far)

Thanks to macdailynews for posting this information, if you come across another site e-mail us or them and we will have the links updated. Thanks!

possible Twitter link i found for readers… HERE. (Article on Twitter/jaiku)

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Mac User Base.

June 8, 2007

Check out this big .gif & the history of Mac users markets here.

Mandy and her mac

Mandy & Her Mac.

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