Apple pushing Safari downloads on Windows users

March 21, 2008

In an apparent bid to rapidly gain share of the online browser market dominated by rival Microsoft, Apple is leveraging its vast iTunes install base to recommend that Windows users also download and install the latest version of its Safari web browser.

apple safari

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Your Moment Of Zen, Brought To You By Word (PIC)

March 17, 2008

word unknown

What’s the sound of one hand clapping?

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Can Word edit the unknown?


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Firefox 3 Beta 4 is Out and Available for Download!

March 11, 2008

“[Improved in Beta 4!] Firefox 3 Beta 4 includes more than 900 enhancements from the previous beta, including drastic improvements to performance and memory usage, as well as fixes for stability, platform enhancements and user interface improvements. Many of these improvements were based on community feedback from the previous beta.”

firefox ie

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Microsoft to buy Yahoo! for $44.6 billion

February 1, 2008

Microsoft has offered to buy the search engine company Yahoo for $44.6bn (£22.4bn) in cash and shares.What does Google think? Apple? Yo mama?

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Nokia builds strategy to fight Apple, Google, MSFT Mobile platforms.

December 4, 2007

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Personally, i have always liked Nokia phones. iHave had a cheapy and a top-o-the line one, both were effective communications devices, and i actually miss them. (as much as a person can miss a phone) I have had other phones, some likable, most likable was the blackberry i had, i could travel freely between north and South America with it getting updates from my secretary with gtalk, until that came to and end with the Blackberry falling out of my pocket after jumping the chain-link next to the Hudson river at a late-night 6 Apart party. I somewhat hold them responsible as i wouldn’t have gone to that “blogging cook-out” nor invited if i would have known that the Grandmaster Flash party wasn’t really put on by them, they just scheduled a cook-out at the same time, if losing my phone & going to a fake party wasn’t enough, i had this wall street journal woman calling me all week and eventually getting quoted in the journal while some one was using an average of eight calls a day on my overpriced verizon plan. So after that I got the quite dislikable motorola, i know own. i dislike the Motorola so much i sometime opt not to bring my phone places, not because of people, but because of the phone. iSimply can’t wait until September when my contract is finito and i can get an apple/google/ or nokia at that time. Hopefully Nokia will still be up to par, it looks like they are trying, check out this money publication regarding Nokia’s strategy and how they are looking to stay the world’s number one phone maker. Read the rest of this entry »

Uncovered: Evidence that Mac OS X could run Windows apps soon

November 30, 2007

big brother

Don’t trash your Boot Camp drive just yet, but Leopard could contain the early signs of running Windows apps in Mac OS X after all. While the evidence is telling, we encourage you not to hold your breath just yet.

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Microsoft Kill MSN Messenger for Mac

November 7, 2007

Redmond are done with Messenger for mac (which was lets face it, one of the buggyest apps)
But there is a new client which is reportedly (and I believe this is verbatim) “Really really cool, and awesome”!!

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