Macbook Air Parody Film

April 4, 2008

Ha ha. Funny. Such a nice song too. So what’s up with No 64-bit CS4 for Adobe’s next release of Photoshop? A bunch a hooey about carbon & Cocoa & OS X Support. I’m sure Adobe is just miffed about no flash on the iPhone, but who wins? Not us customers – say… maybe Dells don’t look so bad after all.


Watch a drunken Jeff Goldblum pitch the iMac

April 2, 2008

Move over “Cheeseburger-eating Hasselhoff“, there’s a new drunk in town! What happens when you take the classic 1999 Jeff Goldblum iMac commercial and slow it down about 30 percent? You get a hilarious piece of footage capable of taking Goldblum’s kids away in any future custody battle!

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Ads vs Reality Video

March 27, 2008

What we think we buy, and what we really get! read more | digg story

Skype 2.0 Final for Linux is out!

March 14, 2008

Today we’re proud to announce the general release of video calls in Skype 2.0 for Linux. As you may already know, the best things in life are often free and now you can make (and receive) free, great quality video calls on linux

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Industrial Design Video

March 5, 2008
Cool Industrial Design Video… watch.

Morphing Magnetic Sculpture Video

March 2, 2008

Lovely clip of art meeting science and getting along. 🙂

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Apple Evolution Video (Beginning to Now)

February 25, 2008

A visual history of Apple from 1976 to 2008